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@mpax Do you know how much money I spend here every month? This is ridiculous!

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Good cyberpunk touch for cybermonday. A free book pirated by its authors. For many years in print, we decided to allow it to be free online...

The MIRRORSHADES cyberpunk story collection, the original, with stories by William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Greg Bear, Lew Shiner, Marc Laidlaw, Pat Cadigan, Bruce Sterling, Tom Maddox, Paul Di Filippo , James Patrick Kelly, and, yes, me--

Did I mention it's free?


New Wave Sci-Fi: 75 Best Novels of 1964–1983 (

Science fiction’s so-called New Wave era began in approximately 1964. Writing in 2003 about that “cusp” year, Michael Moorcock noted: “It will [soon] be 40 years since JG Ballard published The Terminal Beach, Brian Aldiss published Greybeard, William Burroughs published Naked Lunch in the UK, I took over New Worlds...

Indie Sci-Fi Film Freaks is Basically the Coolest X-Men Movie (That Isn’t Actually an X-Men Movie) (

A granddad who can disappear; a long-missing mom who can fly. At first glance, the extraordinarily-abled outcasts whom society brands as dangerous in sci-fi movie Freaks (streaming here on Peacock!) seem to have a whole lot in common with the mutants of Marvel’s X-Men movie-verse — a resemblance that feels even more apt in...

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If you love , , etc then is a fantastic read on the harsh realities of space settlement (and what we don’t know about it). Check it out!


@jynersolives Sounds like the same issues I discuss in The Battle of Victoria Crater

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Blood Nova is 60% off during the Autumn sale! 🎉

Get Blood Nova, a space opera point and click adventure, now ❤️👇



Filmmakers, Please Make Your Rejected ‘Star Wars’ Pitches Into Non-‘Star Wars’ Movies (

If Zack Snyder’s new movie, Rebel Moon, which opens mid-December and just released a trailer, looks a lot like a Star Wars movie, that’s not an accident. Snyder originally pitched it as one, and hasn’t been shy about admitting it....

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Alright Fediverse, I’d like a please!

I’m looking for some holiday escapism, (so probably fiction, but not necessarily) I often read (but more for the speculative futurism than “ZOMG aliens!”), and will enjoy anything that makes me think (ie. challenges me) but—for today—without being preachy.

I’ve enjoyed many of John Scalzi’s books, adored Ada Palmer’s Terra Ignota quadrilogy (❤️ ), and still dream of N.K Jemisin’s Fifth Season.

What’s good?


@byjp If you like Scalzi you'll probably love my stuff - I've got a stack of short stories available to fit every scifi taste:

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inkican, (edited )

Doctor Who Showrunner Announces Controversial Change as It Joins Disney+ (

Doctor Who enters a transformative era with Russell T. Davies at the helm, confirming its significant shift to Disney+ in 2024, a daring decision for the esteemed British science-fiction series. After reigning as a sci-fi TV favorite for sixty years, the series is making a comeback, complete with a significant alteration that...

‘Grok’: From 1960s Sci-Fi to Elon Musk’s New AI (

Last weekend, Elon Musk announced that his artificial-intelligence startup, xAI, was launching a chatbot with “a bit of wit” and “a rebellious streak,” known as Grok. As Musk explained, Grok is modeled on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a snarky manual for interstellar travelers that the humorist Douglas Adams...

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Has anyone got recs for good books with ambulatory users? Big bonus if there’s an audiobook available.

My sweetie is yelling about how the wheelchair user in her current read was written (among other things) and I’d like to get her something better. :)


@villainousfriend I wish I had better news, when I first wrote my novel mesh, I made sure that the protagonist was wheelchair bound and getting his legs fixed with a cybernetic robotic leg system was part of the plot. I got such a bad feedback on that, so many accusations of being insensitive, that I took it out.

Murky reflections: why sci-fi needs to stop imitating Black Mirror (

The success of the anthology series has led to a string of lesser copycat shows and films in a genre that needs to look beyond. If this sounds to you like the premise of a Black Mirror episode, you would be correct. That’s loosely the synopsis of Hang the DJ, the fourth installment of the British futurist anthology series’...

New Mexico Museum of Space History to kick off Sci-Fi, Sci-Fact exhibit (

"We are opening up this 'Sci-Fi, Sci-Fact' exhibit and the idea is to go into some of the fun of exploring how science fiction has sometimes turned into science fact and how sci-fi has affected sci-fact. Basically, how they constantly influence each other," New Mexico Museum of Space History Executive Director Chris Orwoll said....

The "Bad Way" Wrath Of Khan Changed Star Trek Movies, Says First Contact Writer (

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, Star Trek movie of all, but Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact co-writer Ronald D. Moore also points out the "bad way" Star Trek II impacted the movie franchise. Ricardo Montalbán played the titular, genetically engineered villain,...

Lena Headey's New Show Could Be the Sci-Fi Sleeper Hit of 2023 (

The Silo comparison isn’t unearned: Beacon 23 is based on a short story collection by Hugh Howey, who wrote the source material for Silo. The series follows a space lighthouse (Howey really has a thing for cylindrical buildings) and the various keepers who have lived there over the years. The first episode focuses on...

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Any writers on /m/scifi up for critiquing my middle grade scifi novel query? Here it is:

Sometimes you have to leave Earth to find home…

Meet Micah “Mike” Thomas, a 12-year-old boy whose life is thrown into chaos after his mother’s passing. He longs for a return to normalcy, but his grandmother, a female version of Elon Musk, has other plans. His new reality is a nightmare: friends desert him, grades plummet, and his dad’s emotional absence deepens. His sister, Jenn, drowns her grief as a social media influencer addicted to attention at any cost, while Grandma – intent on punishing Mike’s dad for her grief – tightens her grip on the broken family.

In search of a fresh start, Mike’s dad takes a new job in Santa Fe, but the challenges persist. His sister’s social media obsession grows, and his father remains emotionally distant. Even his trusty AI companion can’t fill the void. The new job brings a secret project – the world’s first space elevator – putting the family in the crosshairs of Grandma’s narcissistic rage.

Mike yearns for his mother’s return and a shot at a normal kid’s life, impossible when Grandma forces him to spy on his own dad. Beating Grandma at her own game requires a journey into the stars and into the heart of his family’s deepest pain. Mike will rescue the space elevator – and his family – from Grandma’s destructive designs, even at the cost of his AI best friend.

“MIKE.SIERRA.ECHO” is a 65,000-word Middle Grade hard sci-fi thriller set in Boston, Santa Fe, and Ecuador, 150 years into the future. It will engage readers who enjoyed “We Dream of Space” by Erin Entrada Kelly and “Rebecca Reznik Reboots the Universe” by Samara Shanker.

10 sci-fi concepts that are possible (in theory) (

Science fiction novels and movies are packed with far-out ideas, most often as the springboard for an action-packed adventure rather than a serious attempt to predict future trends in science or technology. Some of the most common tropes, such as accelerating a spacecraft to fantastic speeds in a matter of seconds without...

Avengers Endgame Killed The MCU - How Marvel's $2.8B Finale Broke Kevin Feige's Machine (

After Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been the same, and there are some aspects of the movie that explain how it broke the universe. The latest of Marvel Studios' Avengers movies, 2019's Avengers: Endgame, is the biggest superhero movie of all time. The MCU was at the height of its popularity during...

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