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Linux Laptop Gets Stuck on Black Screen After Suspending, No Way to Use Unless Restarted With Power Button

Recently bought a new laptop that comes with an AMD Radeon gpu and installed OpenSuse Tumbleweed on it which I had installed on my previous laptop as well but never had issues with suspending and resuming. However, with the new laptop, I am unable to resume after suspending or closing the lid unless I force it to shut down by...

Blog about some various Linux stuff (sfalken.tech)

Just wanted to drop there here, in case anybody finds it useful. I started doing some blogging, mostly with the intention of archiving how in the hell I've done things on Linux, in the past, so I know where to find them the next time I need to do them. There will probably be other stuff there, with time, some of it not linux...

Whats your thoughts on Ai in your terminal? (www.warp.dev)

Today i was doing the daily ritual of looking at distrowatch. Todays reveiw section was about a termal called warp, it has built in AI for recomendations and correction for commands (like zhs and nushell). You can also as a chatbot for help. I think its a neat conscept however the security is what makes me a bit skittish. They...

Introducing BlueBuild | custom image tooling for image-based distros (blue-build.org)

Per a mutual decision, Universal Blue’s old custom image tooling has now been transferred to the BlueBuild org and development will be continuing under the BlueBuild project with basically the same team of maintainers and developers as before. The issue was discussed extensively in ublue-os/startingpoint#223 and eventually...

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