I haven't dug into it, but I think that activity is just because it's forked?

Government contracting process 'absolutely not' giving value for money: Botler whistleblowers (

The co-founders of a company formerly contracted by the Canada Border Services Agency, who raised concerns about the process for doling out government contracts and instigated probes into the ArriveCan app controversy, says the federal government's contracting process is 'absolutely not' giving Canadian taxpayers value for their...

Situation in Gaza amounts to 'the largest hostage taking' in the world, says Miller (

Canada's immigration minister called the situation in Gaza 'the largest hostage taking' in the world during a Thursday news conference. At least 200 Canadians are still trapped in the enclave and unable to get out despite continued diplomatic pressure, said minister Marc Miller.


He's not the one bringing it up, silly.

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