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Ethics bill would ban ‘pay-to-play’ political donations from companies with government contracts (tnsenatedems.medium.com)

The state of Tennessee every year pays billions to private companies that have contracts to perform government work. And, in some cases, those companies then make sizable campaign contributions directly to the politicians who influence whether those agreements are approved....

White Rural Trump Supporters Are a Threat to Democracy (www.thedailybeast.com)

In the popular imagination of many Americans, particularly those on the left side of the political spectrum, the typical MAGA supporter is a rural resident who hates Black and Brown people, loathes liberals, loves gods and guns, believes in myriad conspiracy theories, has little faith in democracy, and is willing to use violence...

Yes, the Supreme Court COULD have declined the [presidential immunity] case, but then what? (blog.stephaniejones.com)

“They could have just declined the case” is the overly simplistic but misleading version of Supreme Court law and practice being fed to laypersons by many celebrity television commentators who were rushed on air to breathlessly critique the Court’s grant of certiorari to Donald Trump’s presidential immunity petition....

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