fwiw, I'm also not a huge fan of the conflation of "NSFW", "18+", and "adult content". A separation between NSFW and 18+ would be a good compromise with 18+ being more prone to discretion than NSFW: NSFW is what you might now want showing up at work, whereas 18+ is what you wouldn't want others to see on your phone or in other informal situations.

This way, people might also be more likely to flag something as NSFW without feeling like they're being prudish since there are more granular visibility settings.


Basically about degree of embarrassment you'd feel from someone seeing it. Girls in bikinis (2D or 3D) aren't a huge issue, but it's maybe not what should show up on your computer at work. Basically most female character designs in mobile games lol. Having this tagged makes it easier to use something like kbin at work since you can switch between the filters between work and elsewhere.

These are probably fine for a kid in school, but something like, say, nudity might them trouble with a teacher or parent etc.

I don't know how how we'd go about handling violence and gore. The new Mortal Kombat 1 is probably a good litmus test. With YouTube, you run into the issue where the tagging seems more binary which ends up demonetization too many videos, causing the issue I'd like for us to avoid between under- and overtagging by having more than just the one NSFW tag. Twitter's also a case where content is either under- or overpoliced. I just don't want the porn showing up in Twitter searches, and as a result, way too much stuff seems to get filtered.

/kbin quick update

As you noticed, I had to temporarily enable DDoS protection. Someone is trying quite effectively to distract me from my activities ;p Unfortunately, this may cause some issues with the federation. I will try to cut off the traffic as soon as possible and return to normal operation. Thank you for all your support and patience! :)


While it's probably from HN, make sure you don't fall victim to the Mastodon design flaw causing DDoS-like traffic: https://jort.link.

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