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DID IT! FINALLY I MMed THIS CHART! :kazumahyeeehh:
It has some kinda annoying click + drag on the other side pattern that I always had some Misses... Able to cheese it :char_thumbsup:
Plus it's a 7 min track, so it made this run more intensive :kazumathumbsup:
#Cytus #RhythmGames

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@alxdre301 WOAAAAAHHHH
You are a Hero!

i hoped so badly they would put Vanesse in Cytus 2 because it's my favourite Song, but i just will never be able to MM it on the Phone.
Sadly they only made a cover version. so i will have to continue to practise and practise and practise....

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@bookstardust maybe VILA making an extended version of Risoluto sounds more alright to me, hopefully they can do it...
and I wanna see rhythm game devs do some long tracks like this in recent rhythm games, since "2:30 rule" is really a thing when players don't want anything last too long

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