totori, to random avatar

whoopsie. i joined Fedi a few months ago then
(1) got a job
(2) developed an overbearing paranoia about online privacy and stuff
(3) embarked on a WAY overcomplicated journey to back up and synchronise my digital life
and as a consequence felt i didn't have time to "maintain" an "online presence" :wshum:

but i'm back now (with a fresh username)! i kinda take everything too seriously - it's just fun to see what everyone's up to :gphn_happy:

totori, avatar

heya! i'm Tori and i take everything way too seriously, so let's get this outta the way.

i'm a late-blooming computer person, doing and also wanting to try more stuff - there's so much to learn and it's all so EXCITING, ugh!

some media to get to know me:

  • A Short Hike, Celeste, Mega Man and all things
  • digital fusion, chiptune, spicy math rock, jungle, lofi and everything inbetween ( user!)
  • Studio Ghibli, the Patlabor movies, Gatchaman Crowds

i love (s) and music by small creators and open source and stuff! hope spending time here will put more cool works on my radar.

giantweevil, to 3DPrinting avatar

I never actually made an post on my old account, but now seems like a good time. A beiger time, if you will.

I'm giantweevil, I use he/him pronouns, I like and occasionally I'll do something other people call but I call " hurting computers with "

Sometimes I make memes. Sometimes I make images that are just a long winded pun.

Lately my time has been mostly consumed by

oscarwilde, to random avatar

Hi everyone!

So I've signed up on a Mastodon instance and now I don't know what to do next. Feel free to say hi.

antares, to Tolkien avatar

hello there, i'm antares! i like linguistics (can speak english, russian and spanish), music (i play guitar) and fixing things (mainly finding ways to use old tech and sewing). i've never been a big poster, but spent a lot of good time lurking in and fandoms
things that i'm also into:
any pronouns are fine, but in english i prefer they/them

tuxedodragon, to Furry avatar


✨ what's up, i'm Tux! i also go by Theo or Wilde interchangeably, and i prefer they/it pronouns atm! nice to meet you! ;3

i work as a freelance artist specializing in furry art and comics, and am the creator of the Amphimorpho species as well as the webcomic "Meet Me in the Woods"!

this profile is primarily just for sharing my art and things related to that! feel free to peek around some of the links in my bio if you're curious about my other shenanigans~

A four-part sequence of a human transforming into a black and white, noodle shaped creature. There's a bit of text in the middle of the drawing which reads "Wow! Just like Animorphs!"
The cover for the webcomic "Meet Me in the Woods". The two main protagonists are featured in the foreground, holding a phone and flashlight respectively, which provides the only source of light in the image. Behind them, their shadows take the forms of two mysterious creatures against the backdrop of the pine trees.
A page of notes about the fictional alien species "Proteus amphimorpho". Two photos are taped on the left side of the page, depicting two noodle-shaped creatures with long ears and long tails; the one on top stands on all fours, whereas the one on the bottom stands on two legs with a raptor-like stance. The notes describe amphimorpho as "a unique, chimeric species initially developed under Project Delta to study cellular regeneration using novel gene editing techniques". A list of defining traits of the species is highlighted with the following items: long body, prehensile tail, rabbit-like ears, lack of nostrils, belly pouch (?), shapeshifting ability. Other notes on the page detail specific parts of the amphimorpho biology and read: "Tail is 1 - 2x the body length on average, and incredibly strong!", "Ears can pivot independently and are very expressive", "They lack nostrils, instead utilizing an olfactory organ on the roof of the mouth and their tongues to smell", "Front and hind paws have similar shapes".

basilsprouts, to random avatar

um hi! i go by basil or baz, my pronouns are he/him and i may or may not eventually post but i wanted to do an introduction post rn to kinda get the ball rolling? i'm mostly just here to read other people's posts but i do have thoughts...i guess

nice to be here so far!

jeze, to Horror avatar

Hello everyone. An .

Jeze here. I'm a aficionado with it being my favorite form of entertainment both in film and literature. I enjoy writing and reading particularly short stories with being my favorite. Currently been playing with an idea I've had in my head for ages for a story called "Eternity."

As for music I'm into rock, metal, and punk with two of my favorite bands being Alkaline Trio and Slipknot. They both offer those goosebump inducing hooks. I'm also a guitarist but never had a home in a band of my own.

I'm a gamer at heart with a penchant for and . I grew up with Nintendo franchises, and they hold a special place in my memory. era gaming for PC being my favorite time period with titles like and . Later on would be my escape from reality and living my dark elvish vampire dreams. I knew far too much dark elvish to be considered a healthy person.

I believe to be precious and should be protected at all costs. They are perfection. They are the only dinosaurs to rise from the ashes of the Chicxulub asteroid which is pretty metal if you ask me. They were here first and the Earth is their planet. Us mammals have no right to pillage their ecosystems the way we do.

Tattooed_Mummy, to random avatar


Mostly harmless.

Boring middle aged woman, white, cis, straight, married. I have 2 dogs, a husband and an adult daughter.

I live by the seaside. I have old lady hobbies like bird watching, gardening, jigsaw puzzles, baking and reading.

Often sweary and full of rage and snark. I have been known to have opinions.

Also have accounts at @Tattooed_mummy and @Tattooed_mummy and I channel my inner goddess at @Anoia

r_alb, to random avatar

As I recently moved my account here, I guess it‘s time for a proper #introduction. 👋

My name is Raphael and I‘m a privacy professional / advocate / activist based in Linz, Austria.

Please feel free to talk to me about privacy in general and the GDPR in particular.

I‘d also like to talk about anything else that relates to technology and its role in our society.

Critical views and opinions are always welcome, but please be polite!

Hope to read from you soon!

FinnleysAudioAdventures, to vinyl avatar

🎙️ Dive into Finnley’s Audio Adventures! 🐬 Join me, Finnley the Dolphin, as I guide you through unconventional spoken word performances, hilarious advertisements, and unique promotional recordings. Get ready for a wild ride of entertainment!

Check out to dive deeper into the world of bizarre audio content and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at for regular doses of Finnley’s Audio Adventures—don’t forget to hit the notification bell! 🐟✨🎧🌊

Also, follow us on Facebook: for more updates and behind-the-scenes fun! 📱👍

Jaden3, to random avatar

Tryna spice up my feed on this bitch gang. Yall got goofy ass shit to share gang count my ass in 👍🏾

pixelsnorf, to pixelart avatar

A bit late for Hi all, I'm Snorf, and I love to whip up beautiful scenes, I especially love cute things and beautiful landscapes! Currently I am working on a very big new ghibli-inspired piece, and also thinking of turning some pieces into cross-stitch patterns for those who may be interested. Follow me for positivity and pixels in your masto feed!

A pixel art scene of moomin and snufkin setting off on an adventure!
A small pixel art scene of a cute pig wearing a party hat, surrounded by balloons
A work in progress landscape, in the foreground is a fence and some flowering bushes, in the background two islands are connected by a bridge, the islands have a mix of buildings and forests.

mary, to random avatar


Hello! Hi there! :loading:

I'm a Linux Graphics Developer currently mostly working on Panfrost and NVK

You may know me for having worked on some plumber guy console emulator in C#

I'm very curious about anything in general and have various side projects ✨

Other than that, I love tea 🍵

Thank you for reading 💫

mookie, to fediverse avatar


it's me, hi. i'm the mookie, it's me.

i'm a serial instance creator (and destroyer) and have been doing this since 2018. many will already be familiar with my name or my avatar.

i'm the father of two awesome kids. i love watching and talking about . i'm a ( and mostly). i'm a fan of . i eat to . i'm a giant and nerd. i'm a born and raised and have spent most of my career as a devops engineer and sre. i now lead an org of excellent devs and sres.

my permanent home is at where i should be spending more time writing blog posts and movie reviews.

simg, to norge avatar

Hello again, Mastadon world!☺️🌍🐘 New account, new possibilities!😃 This is my first post from my new account😁 Thought you should know. I’m from Norway and kind of a nerd😄🇳🇴

uhitssid, to foss avatar

Time for a re-!

Henlo, I'm Sid!

I'm a from India, and I'm a poly-nerd, my primary hobby is collecting hobbies. I'm a , , and enthusiast. I use as my primary OS. I absolutely love , , , , cheesy 90s movies, like , , , , , among a lot more things I am forgetting at the moment. , tinkering with hardware, goofing around with software, appreciating , , etc are a few of the hobbies I've collected over the years :>

This account does, and will always reflect my own views unless stated otherwise. This is a personal space, so follow at your own risk c:

(If you're confused as to who I am, I used to be @onebigsucc)

:blobhaj_trans_heart: :blobhaj_trans_heart: :blobhaj_trans_heart:

LucaManciniDrummer, to fediverse avatar

Hello !

I decided to post an introduction, let's say, once per month with the objective of reaching as many people as possible who might be interested in what I do 🙃

My name is Luca, I'm a drummer and IT professional from Italy, currently based in the Czech Republic.

I make music and I do nerdy tech stuff! 🎶👩🏻‍💻

You can find:

I also created a Lemmy community to discuss royalties and music promotion

If you don't want to see this post anymore, please mute the hashtag

Enjoy, ciao! 🥁

flpdisk, to privacy avatar

Hi! I've been on mastodon since summer 2023, but this is my brand new account. I'm interested in #FreeOpenSource #privacy respecting software, #OpenAccess science, and overall community driven spaces. I study #physics, I'm a beginner-level programmer, and would like to start contributing to some #foss #floss projects or sharing my own code. I thought I'd join to be in a community of like-minded people. I also like #flowers. That's all for now. Have a nice day!

lucktheloser, to random Spanish avatar

Soy Luck, soy dibujante y me moví aquí ya que vi que muchos patitos se estaban viniendo aquí.
Veo mucho a Quackity, pero también me gusta Spreen, Roier y Rubius. Además de que amo los juegos RPG MAKER (Omori por ejemplo) y los juegos indie 🫂💕

(Una mejor presentación jiji. Muchos animos a todos los que lean esto, enserio cuidense mucho)

sschwark, to random German avatar

Hallo zusammen 👋

Ich bin Sandra, Sozialpsychologin, die vor einigen Jahren der Uni den Rücken gekehrt hat.

Meine Themen sind intersektionaler Feminismus, gruppenbezogene Menschenfeindlichkeit sowie Intervention und Prävention.

Ich arbeite dabei deutschlandweit mit verschiedenen Organisationen zusammen und arbeite parallel noch an einem anderen Projekt 📚

yaxx_, to random Spanish avatar

Soy Yas, ilustradora peruana.
Conocí a quacks poco antes de que empezara el qsmp y siempre he amado el proyecto a demás de apoyarlo a el como creador de contenido.

Muy cansada de la toxicidad vine a refugiarme aquí, espero mis ilustraciones y publicaciones en general sean bien recibidas.

Un gusto en conocerles!! 💜🙌

TheLastOfHisName, to ADHD avatar

This is my Sharkey 🙃

You can call me Dane.

I started out on the fediverse arooooound...I wanna say 2017/18 mebbe? My big start in social media was MySpace. Before that, I had a LiveJournal (which I miss mightily with all my heart). My very first computer was a Gateway PC, back when they shipped them to you in those awesome cow spot pattern boxes. I am trying to de-google my life.

I'm and suffer from . I'm currently unmedicated. I can be damned moody at times, so there's your warning.

Religiously/spiritually speaking, I'm complicated. That will be a long post, when I get around to writing it. My general rule is: I have my thing. It's not everybody's thing, and that's cool. Not everybody's thing is my thing, and that's cool. Just don't be a wanker towards those whose thing ain't your thing. OM 🕉

I'm 57 years old and have come to the conclusion that we never truly appreciate the decades we grew up in until we hit middle age.

I'm single and childless, hence my user tag: TheLastOfHisName.

And now, a hefty list of hashtags....

Nazi punks fuckoff.
to POC, LGBTQIA, and humanity in general.

A song to represent where I'm coming from:

spv, to programming

hi, i'm spv. call me spv, or james if you want to be slightly weird without knowing me

here's an post because i don't think i've made one yet.
info to know about me: 16 from BFE, NY

i'm , and have too many other conditions to list. woooo!

i do on occasion
on the regular
i like to work with , but i don't do it enough

getting a degree in Security & from SUNY Broome (starting in august)

warning: i use a lot of

Jaden3, to random avatar

Just tryna find mo interesting people to fk with on dis app. I ain't interested in politics, IT shit or cats 😅
Just fun shit , porn OK 👍🏾, just weird shit is good no I'm saying. I wanna fk with shit that make me think wtf this app is lit lit lit 🔥🔥🔥.
Hit me app yall if yall wanna fw my shit 🤪
Waiting on yall xxx
Love Jaden ❤️
#introduction #introductions

bfelix, to random Portuguese avatar

Oi, pessoal, aqui é a Beatriz, do finado bia_scabbia no tuinto e atual perfil fechado bfelixwithpuns. Vim pro mastodon pra socializar, então a ideia é (tentar) falar menos merda aqui e manter essa conta aberta pra poder cair de paraquedas na conversa dos outros.

bfelix, avatar

Atualizando minha

Oi! Aqui é a Beatriz, do finado bia_scabbia no tuinto e atual bfelixwithpuns também no tuinto (porém não entro mais lá).

Eu fechei minha conta há um tempo porque posto coisas pessoais, e nem sempre vou aceitar seguidores. Mas eu tb tenho post público, então vc pode me adicionar a listas ou ver na local :)

O nome que eu uso aqui no mastodon é um trocadilho com a compositora Amanda Palmer, pode me chamar de Bia, Beatriz ou Amanga.

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