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Could Nix os be like active directory on Linux?

So I’ve been looking into Nix and it seems like a pretty cool way of managing machines. However, I’m curious about how well it can manage user authentication. Theoretically one should be able to setup the equivalent of roaming profiles with rsync and some sort of authentication server but I haven’t seen a lot of...

how to / best practices for setting up and tracking a Python project with nix flakes

I want to start a new project, and I want to try to handle all the reproducibility / “containerization” in nix instead of dockerfiles. I see some examples online but I think they’re including more uncommon procedures and/or don’t do things the “nix” way....

Installing NixOS made my Windows Dual Boot fail

I’ve probably parsed dozens of pages now, including the “Dual boot NixOS and Windows” page on, and not really sure what the best steps are since most seem to leverage the fact that everything is on a single partition. My windows lives on a physically separate drive than NixOS, so osprober does not detect the...

Can you setup garbage collection to delete every other generation or every other N generations after a certain limit has been reached?

I see you can delete everything older than some period of time, but what if I want some older than a year? Or should it be interpreted that: whatever build configuration was used, it is tested thoroughly at that point, and it would be better to rebuild from a nix configuration stored on git?

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