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The White House urges developers to use Rust (

… At this time, the most widely used languages that meet all three properties are C and C++, which are not memory safe programming languages. Rust, one example of a memory safe programming language, has the three requisite properties above, but has not yet been proven in space systems. …

Structuring Projects: when to include a dependency as a library instead of just calling a command line interface.

Hello fellow rustaceans! Recently, there was a thread about how we can grow this community (how can I link to posts across servers?), where I already talked briefly about this topic, saying that I did not know if it is worthy of a full post here, as most things seem to be pretty professional looking links to talks and blogs....

Rewrite in Rust: paketkoll - Check installed distro files for changes (

This is a Rust replacement for debsums (on Debian/Ubuntu/…) and paccheck (on Arch Linux and derivatives). It is much faster than those thanks to using all your CPU cores in parallel. What it does is check files installed by your package manager for changes and reports those on stdout....

Publishing my first crate: A general trait-forwarding crate (

I’m building up to a new idiom for dealing with generic numeric types and traits, but this is the first step. I made it more general than I probably needed for my purposes, but it seemed like a good idea to just solve the whole problem given that I was going to do much of the work anyways....

JavaScript developer getting into rust and looking for memory resources

I’m a self taught JavaScript developer. I’ve got many years of experience but I’ve never worked in a language I use to manage memory in any form. I’ve been having a lot of fun learning rust and learning about what’s physically happening when a program is executed....

Meta: How can we grow this community?

The title says it all: How can we grow the Rust community here on Lemmy? Many users fled Reddit or are here for different reasons. But compared to it’s commercial big brother, the Rust community here, feels more or less dead. I would like to discuss ideas, on how we can changes that and make Lemmy the default for Rust related...

Palette hotfix 0.7.5: works around color type compile error seen by Iced users (

Just to reiterate what the linked blog post mentions; this isn’t a bug with Iced, specifically, but seemed to have been brought into light by having Iced 0.12.0 among the dependencies. Many variants of this bug has been reported to the Rust compiler repository and some seem to be fixed by the next trait resolver.

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