I created rcp, an OSC52 copy tool for your remote server (

I have been searching for a simple way to copy loads of text from remote servers for a while. This includes files, but is sometimes also only multiple lines from stdout of a program. Oftentimes this is kinda hard to do in terminal emulators, so I wrote a very small program to copy text via Operating System Commands....

Handling holes in the federation - entries and replies ( Polish

There are at least several types of holes in the federation: * Unfederated profile - support suggestion here * unfederated replies to the post at a given time * unfederated entries at the time How to handle this? Answers I often see ...

On Tech-Enabled Abuse | Alice Watson (

This project aims to serve as a resource for understanding and raising awareness about tech-enabled abuse, with a particular focus on abuse targeting LGBT+ individuals, women, and children, facilitated by various technologies such as stalker-ware apps, physical devices, and social platforms. Tech-enabled abuse, refers to the use...

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