Teaching unions launch petition against shorter school summer holiday (

Education staff unions in Wales, representing tens of thousands of school staff, have launched a petition with the Senedd demanding the Welsh Government withdraw plans to shorten summer holidays. They say proposals to change the school year dates “are not, and should not be, a priority for the education system in Wales”. A...

Council tax set to rise by almost 5% in RCT as council faces £25m budget gap (

A 4.99% council tax is now being proposed for residents in Rhondda Cynon Taf next year. On Wednesday, February 21, the council’s cabinet agreed to recommend the authority’s budget proposals for 2024/25 to full council, but instead of the originally proposed 4.9% council tax hike, it’s now proposing a 4.99% rise as it aims...

Michael Sheen says 'why not' as he reveals pro Welsh independence stance (

Michael Sheen has shared his thoughts on Welsh independence in an interview with the Times. An outspoken advocate for Welsh identity and culture known for his support of local initiatives and rousing speeches to the national football team, Sheen has spoken directly about independence on surprisingly few occasions....

Birthing centre closed three years finally due to re-open to expectant mothers (

A birth centre which has been temporarily suspended due to “significant pressures and staff shortages” looks set to re-open – three years later. Swansea Bay University Health Board has also suspended its home birth service during the period since 2021....

All teaching unions write to Education Minister opposing shorter summer holidays (

Every teaching union in Wales has written to Education Minister Jeremy Miles opposing Welsh Government plans to change the school year and shorten the summer holidays. They say it will “damage” children’s education and the plan is a distraction when schools face a funding, behaviour and recruitment crisis....

Wales reveals full details of new VCSEs for 14 to 16 year-olds (

Teenagers in Wales will be able to take new work and skills qualifications alongside, or instead of, the new GCSEs. The work-related VCSEs (Vocational Certificate of Secondary Education) will include retail, leisure and public services and assessed by teachers....

The places in Wales that young people are leaving behind (

Cardiff saw a massive influx of young people last year while most areas of Wales saw more leave the area than move there, new data has revealed. Against the backdrop of concerns over a Welsh ‘brain drain,’ with some young people choosing to seek jobs and opportunities elsewhere, these numbers help us see where in Wales is...

Tolls returning to the Prince of Wales bridge ruled out by government minister (

Tolls will not be returning to the Prince of Wales bridge, the deputy government minister who deals with transport has said. Over Christmas a document by a Welsh council emerged which raised the possibility of tolls being reinstated on the Severn bridges....

'We can deliver prosperity for Wales, but fair funding is vital' Plaid Cymru (

Fairness and ambition are at the heart of my politics. Earlier this week, I spoke about my fundamental belief that the two are intertwined, and that we must considerably raise the bar in terms of our ambition for our country. We need a Government that shows real determination to build both economic and social prosperity if we...

Thousands of Junior doctors prepare to go on strike across Wales (

Junior doctors are set to go on strike in Wales for 72 hours from Monday. Last month, BMA Cymru Wales announced that junior doctors had overwhelmingly voted in favour of industrial action over the 5% pay offer they had been given by the Welsh Government....

The glaring problem with transport in Welsh cities and how it could be solved (

Welsh transport has been in a state of flux for the last year or more. In February the decision was made to halt some of Wales’ biggest roadbuilding schemes and make it incredibly difficult to justify any new ones even when they would have a transformative impact....

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