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Hmm, a very large dog just came up to the window (outside) here where I am working--about 5 feet way from me--and starting a loud howling for a few minutes, and left. (not my dog). Last night there was a raccoon there all night, and a coyote wandering around. Now I am wondering what is so interesting right here outside.

(I think it was a dog, because it was wearing a reflective collar... but now, I am not so sure).

(For the record, the dog here inside was very confused--but not alarmed--about why a strange dog was howling at the window) #random #dogs

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Where do you live? Do you live in a rural area? How is there so much wildlife around?

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@railmeat I'm currently in the middle of a Southern California suburb, blocks from open space. However, coyotes thrive where there are humans...

me, avatar

@ai6yr man, I will trade you any number of coyotes for the damn foxes behind my house. Have you heard the sounds those things make? From the Great Below, I tell you.

Plus they troll our dog mercilessly. If he ever gets one I won't even be mad. They sneak into our yard and leave droppings in his bathroom spot, drives him nuts.

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@me 🤔 Wow, those are fighting moves there....

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Oh look, now the coyote is there.

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@ai6yr Did you get bitten by a werewolf? Maybe they're all really gathering there because of YOU.

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    @inquiline @glightly That would be a great idea for some of the kink-minded joggers around here who only wear black while running in the street 🤔

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    @ai6yr Oh, man, I saw a guy walking along a street with no sidewalk..all in black. I really wanted to yell that he should at least get reflective sneakers or something.

    ai6yr, avatar

    @glightly I've seen quite a few, and nearly hit a few (seriously, could not see them). Not a good thing... too many pedestrians hit round here (fast speeds, pedestrians wearing black and running with earbuds in at 4am, etc.)

    glightly, avatar

    @ai6yr A lot of that here in Davis. Lots of feckless youth new to Davis each Fall.

    Davis is also to blame for its bad infrastructure in so many places, though...

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    @glightly Oh, certainly, combination of bad infrastructure + poor judgement = tragedy for all involved.

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    @ai6yr When night hiking, coyotes have always been a big source of comfort to me. They don't hang around if there is a lion in the area.

    ai6yr, avatar

    @W6KME Normally I don't mind coyotes... except the one time over near Satwiwa when I came across a pack of what must have been 20 of them. I was taking photos and then I came across them, and they all looked at me VERY intently... so I very slowly backed down the trail and left, LOL.

    ai6yr, avatar

    Well, at least there will be no rats here!

    MeTwitt, avatar

    @ai6yr no cats either

    ai6yr, avatar

    @MeTwitt That is true! Cats are portable lunch meat for coyotes.

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