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Being a republican. Sure there are some educated grifters who decide to label themselves as republican, but your average republican voter is a mouth-breathing fucking idiot.

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A rare triple entendre has been spotted.

Best not to spook it.

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About time! Lemmy’s been on this for hours!

Seriously though, it’s going to be wild to see what this results in.

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I feel like a pink “XXX” tag would suffice.

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Ohhh yeah, or maybe like a nice bile color. Like a neon green/yellow mix,

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NSFW = nipple.

XXX = nipple with cum on it.

GORE = nipple on the floor, separated from its human.

It’s pretty simple bro.

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My friend, you’ve missed the most important question:

what about a nipple on the floor with cum on it?

Antik, (edited )
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I feel like this is a period of history that will be studied for some time.

I’ve been saving the videos and pics from @Wilshire because I think it might be important maybe.


Solovyov sad in his first response to what is happening in Russia. (streamable.com)

While we wait for Putin to start claiming everything is fine the bumblebee boogie is playing on Russian state television. Solovyov's statement from a car: "Every kingdom, if it is torn apart by strife, will be desolate, and every city or house where there is strife will not stand." Subs needed Src,...

Antik, (edited )
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If you can provide me the same level and amount of proof that children are raped by teachers and daycare providers that I can provide you that they are by religious leaders, then I’ll concede.

But you and I both know that proof doesn’t exist.

That first sentence was a mouthful god damn. But I hope my point came across.

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I’ve been using Nova for years and I have no complaints.

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So Sony can have all the exclusives they want, but if MS wants exclusives anymore, it’s a national fucking issue?

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