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Zelensky calls for three-point action plan at upcoming peace summit (

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he anticipates the upcoming peace summit in Switzerland will yield an action plan addressing three key areas: free navigation to protect port infrastructure, global food security, and Ukraine’s economic development....

Physicians for Human Rights Israel’s Clarification on the Organization’s November 2023 Position Paper on Sexual Violence | רופאים לזכויות אדם (

In the extensive investigations conducted in the months following the publication of the position paper in November, some testimonies referenced within it have been disputed or deemed unverifiable, and more may face similar scrutiny in the future. We regret their inclusion in the position paper. As mentioned, a substantial...

Under Israeli Bombs, a Wartime Economy Emerges in Gaza (

In the seven months since Israel started bombarding Gaza and imposed a siege in response to the Oct. 7 Hamas-led attack, the enclave’s economy has been crushed. People have been forced to flee their homes and jobs. Markets, factories and infrastructure have been bombed and flattened. Farmland has been scorched by airstrikes or...

Israeli army appears to be using Gaza hospital, school as bases, Washington Post reports (

Israeli soldiers appear to be using the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in the Gaza Strip as a br for military operations, and, since March, also a school in the village of Juhor ad Dik, which is located about one kilometer from the border with Israel and was destroyed in the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, indicated...

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