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She / They blobhaj, flag, bisexual

Yuri lover with Touhou brainrot.

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“In English, we don’t have a word for spicy” - Neil touchgrass Tyson at a linguistics conference.

I’m starting to suspect that being good at astrophysics doesn’t mean you’re automatically the best at everything else too.

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I think it was some panel about conlangs? (the inventor of Dothraki was there too). I wish I could find it again.

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“Keep political memes out of this community”

Bruh, have you seen the top posts?

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And it’s always gonna speak in UwU no matter how much the engineers try to stop it.

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Tbh, idk even know much about the Israel Gaza thing… So I can’t speak to that.

If you are interested, there’s a new video from Shaun making the rounds that explains the situation in depth.


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No one asked but, the mascot’s name is Xue btw.

Tumblr and Wordpress to Sell Users’ Data to Train AI Tools (www.404media.co)

this could not be timed worse for Tumblr which is in huge hot water with its userbase already for its CEO breaking his sabbatical to ban a prominent trans user for allegedly threatening him (in a cartoonish manner), and then spending a week personally justifying it increasingly wildly across several platforms. the rumors had...

Rozauhtuno, (edited )
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This sucks, but I’m also morbidly curious of how unhinged an AI trained on Tumblr posts would be.

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Missing here: you can start your own business

Missing here: you can be part of the exploiting class instead.

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No. Whatever “feats” the owner is pulling, they are never enough to justify them getting 99% of the profits while the workers get the crumbs.

Bezos does not work a billion times harder than his average employee.

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