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I don’t see anything saying all Israelis are bad. Seems to me you’re reading more into it that what is there.

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No they didn’t. You read something that wasn’t there 'cause your confirmation bias kicked in.

Do better.

Cumberland House, Sask., has limited access to food, supplies, while Highway 123 is a 'muddy road,' locals say (www.cbc.ca)

According to Raven Chaboyer, if people want to drive in or out of Cumberland House, Sask., they’re doing so at their own risk. Now, the community that is already running low on groceries and supplies could remain isolated for another week due to the rains in forecast....

Airlines grapple with spike in GPS interference. Experts say it's collateral damage from global conflicts (www.cbc.ca)

Inside the air traffic control tower at Tallinn Airport in Estonia’s capital, a team tracks pilots in training as they fly above the Tartu airport, which lies about 200 kilometres south of Tallinn, and about 45 kilometres west of Russia....

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Honestly I’d be happy if there was punishment for it. Assholes running around screaming about the flag should be called to the table on defacing it.

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Rule 1 of holding a gun … you NEVER point it at anyone unless you mean to shoot.

If nothing else Baldwin is at fault for being an arrogant asshole who didn’t give a shit about basic gun safety or any of his co-workers.

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How about zero real guns on set instead, a practice many productions already have in place.

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Thanks for the head’s up. I’ve changed it to the newer version.

Another would-be Conservative nominee alleges 'irregularities' in race to carry party banner (www.cbc.ca)

A town councillor running for the Conservative nomination in an Ontario riding that was already the source of controversy earlier this month says she was unfairly blocked from carrying the party banner because the top Tory brass wanted another candidate instead....

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Here’s hoping the Cons don’t win the next election, because if they do these ‘irregularities’ won’t see the light of day.

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Because irregularities have been noted, and unless they are examined it can lead to a disintegration of trust in the process.

Besides we’ve already seen bad things happen in right wing party nominations, ie: Alberta and Jason Kenney/UCP mess the RCMP is still investigating.

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“I have decided to sever the connection between Spain’s representation in Israel and the Palestinians, and to prohibit the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem from providing services to Palestinians from the West Bank,” Katz said in a post on X. It was not immediately clear how Israel would carry out the threat.

He could have just admitted to being a genocidal asshole with zero ability to enforce this stupidity.

Judge slams Quebec youth protection after Inuk teen placed in 64 different foster homes (www.cbc.ca)

A Quebec court judge has issued a scathing decision identifying major long-standing problems in youth protection services for Inuit children in Quebec’s North, in a case where a teenage girl was sent to 64 different foster homes in less than 10 years....

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It’s up to the workers to organize, not the employers.

Loblaws, Sobeys owners under investigation by Competition Bureau for alleged anti-competitive conduct (www.cbc.ca)

Canada’s Competition Bureau has launched investigations into the parent companies of grocery chains Loblaws and Sobeys for alleged anti-competitive conduct, court documents reveal, with Sobeys’ owner calling the inquiry “unlawful.”...

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