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Reddit was awesome. It’s sad what became of it.
Started in Lemmy but kbin's reputation system woo'd me over!

The powerful need/feeling not to try sexualizing specific people or fictional characters

Have you ever come across a person/character that you may feel deep connection, or respect, or deep admiration towards - and then, at some point, all of the sudden, they are somehow about to come in light in a sexual perspective, and then you suddenly find a strong feeling in yourself that seeing them as a sexual creature all of...

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Care to paste a link in here that takes us to this FAQ page??

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Hmm. And where is this help column?

EDIT: Ah, at the bottom of the page.
Needed to search for text in the page to find it xD

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I think generally everything pays off more when you put more time or effort in it.

Damaskox, (edited ) to kbinMeta
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I receive an error when I'm trying to delete a comment.

EDIT: I tried deleting again later and I think the duplicated comment was gone.

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We were studying XYZ, coordinates during one math class in the middle school.
I asked where's the Z if X and Y were on the paper. My friend pointed with his finger that Z would come out of the paper like this.

Mind blown 😂
I still reminiscent on it once in a while.

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Something you are told about from the past (and whatever else) can sound epic or horrible. Something you've heard can lift your mood or give you a feeling of sorrow.

Experiencing the told story and the feelings you'd experience within however is nothing compared to the feels you get from a story.

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Care to explain this? I didn't get it 😂

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The two other scenarios make sense to me. The third one I still don't get 😅

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Well, when you put it in that way, I understand it!

I was only getting a thought of "You cannot survive if you have no society" before!

SLaSZT, to kbinMeta
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    @SLaSZT Care to share more information about privacy issues?

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    @SLaSZT Hmm. Peculiar!

    I should be able to delete an online account easily and promptly if that's what I choose to do

    I quite agree on that!
    There was one service I couldn't get rid of my info cos they required ridiculous amounts of work to do before they would have done so! It was frustrating...I gave up, they won.

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    Meanwhile I love doing volunteer work with no problems whatsoever (free work most of the time) and at the same time I have problems keeping my mental health stable for a longer period of time when working for a wage...

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    I suppose it depends on how they feel about you!

    Naturally, if she considers you as their enemy, pain and horror would be something normal to be experienced in such a situation!

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    This was an interesting take!

    I hope I haven't bullied myself!

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