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Turns out, Java and JavaScript are not 'car' and 'carpet' --- ECMA-262 2025: 'ECMAScript syntax INTENTIONALLY resembles that of Java' (

I linked to the anchor where it says that, right to the bottom of the section 4.3. Will people just STOP saying JavaScript was ‘never intended’ to have ‘nothing to do with Java’? They clearly meant JavaScript to be to Java what AWK is to C, at least syntax-wise. I was born one year after JS was conceived (the standard...

Internet is amazing, but why should it be ruled by Web? Read Alan Kay's insights on WWW in Answer to My Question on Qura (

Note: I call the scientists in this post by last name, not because I think I am their ‘peer’ but because that’s how the English language works, and if I put ‘Mr’ before every last name, I’ll sound like Consulla asking for Lemon Pledge! I am 30, will turn 31 in less than 20 days. I am the same age as the year of the...

Should I use Rust and Go together or just Go?

So I want to make a new project. It will have a website and an algorithm which will handle the requests. The thing is, web development in Rust feels harder than say in Go or Python. So I thought maybe I could somehow make bindings in Rust for Go since the faster the algorithm is, the better. However, that seems to complicate...

What are the craziest misconceptions you’ve heard about programming from people not familiar with it?

As someone who spends time programming, I of course find myself in conversations with people who aren’t as familiar with it. It doesn’t happen all the time, but these discussions can lead to people coming up with some pretty wild misconceptions about what programming is and what programmers do....

How do you directly interface with GPIO in Python?

Like let’s say I have a few old HP alphanumeric LED displays that have a simple bit pattern protocol. I’ve gotten them working in Arduino a long time ago. If I can find some unused pins how can I bit bang them into a custom protocol from user space using pins that may be unrelated as far as I/O ports on a modern computer? Is...

My implementation of the ASDL domain-specific language in C, targeting C, has been heavily updated! It now is fully stable, and the final AST code is error-free. Documentation added! Enjoy (

You can use ASDL to describe the tree grammar of your language. After doing that, translate the code to C by running it through my program. Now you have a C file that contains a bunch of constructors, type defs, macros, etc ,that describe the AST of your language. Two examples, a basic one, and one for regex, has been provided....

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