Artificial Intelligence

How AI Call Centers Can Solve Your Problems (

Unlock unparalleled customer satisfaction with AI call centers! Say goodbye to long wait times and discover the benefits of personalized, efficient, and cost-effective customer service solutions. Explore real-life success stories and embrace the future of AI call centers for your business.

Scientists Reveal Why Using ChatGPT To Message Your Friends Isn’t a Good Idea (

Utilizing AI tools for composing messages to friends might not be the best choice, especially if the friend learns about the AI's involvement, recent research indicates. The study revealed that participants felt a fictional friend using AI for message crafting appeared less sincere in their efforts

Using AI, university monitors online students at risk of dropping out (

Dropping out early is one of the main concerns in online higher education, especially during the first year of a degree. An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) has developed a new system based on artificial intelligence algorithms that makes it possible to identify on a daily...

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