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Quite a lot, actually:

  1. The rule. As the sidebar states, You must post before you leave. If you visit this sub, you must post. No such rules exist on !random.
  2. This community seems to focus more on memes than random@kbin.social, which is more random in terms of content. Everything that doesn’t fit in other kbin.social magazine goes to random, but 196 isn’t completely random as you rarely finds discussions such as this post.
  3. The culture. Historically, 196 has heavy ties with transgender subculture since it was still on Reddit, and it still is to this day. This community is hosted on lemmy.blahaj.zone which is primarily centered around gender diverse and other LGBTQ folk. Random@kbin.social is hosted on a more general instance. There’s a lot of memes here which trans people could relate, and many-- if not most-- people here are transgender.
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