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a transgender raccoon girl

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One small request would be, if you could add an option to open links in incognito custom tabs?

A bit of a late reply, but if you’re using Firefox for Android, you can choose to open every custom tab link in incognito mode. Perhaps that might help a little bit.

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That kink ain’t a bug, it’s a feature

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Etienne’s new pet looks closer to home!
yes, this is meant to be a btd6 reference

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Generally, I tend to focus on smaller creators, their qualities are usually better.

The channels I watched include Nitro Rad (gaming), MattKC (tech), and Modern Vintage Gamer (retro console/gaming).

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I think it was used wrong. CMIIW, but you only need to separate clauses with a comma if the subordinate clause comes before the main clause, so this: We squint at the sun, because it’s too bright

Should’ve been this: We squint at the sun because it’s too bright

But if the subordinate clause comes before main, then a comma is needed: Because it’s too bright, we squint at the sun

However, the above mistake is not a mistake in German and a few other languages. If you translate the above sentence in German, it looks like this: Wir blinzeln in die Sonne, weil sie zu hell ist (yes, i use Google Translate)

What made you choose your instance?

Following the spirit of spreading across the Fediverse (and because my main instance is down so many times, because diverse reasons) I’m intrigued about the joining instance process, because I honestly don’t know what criteria to have in order to join another one if I ever want to do it....

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Honestly, because of my interest, as you can tell from my instance’s name and purpose. It’s the first furry instance I see and also the most popular one, that’s the initial reason.

tf💊irl (pawb.social)

ALT TEXT: A stickman with sunglasses offering another stickman two pills, “You can take the blue pill to transform into the opposite gender …or you can take the red pill to transform into your fursona.” The stickman took both pills, crushed them and mixed them together, then snorted the mixed and powdered pills.

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Your community, as in the community you moderates? Yeah it makes sense.

From what I’ve heard, moderators (and admins probably) can see deleted posts, as this scenario did happen to my post in the communities I moderate. Fortunately, only moderators, admins, or anyone with your posts’ link before it was deleted could potentially see your deleted posts.

That’s why it’s recommended that you edit your post title, description, and url/images to “deleted by creator” or similar when deleting your posts, as moderators can’t undo edits.

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I mean, I see a lot of furries in my local feed, but it doesn’t take a sherlock to see why. In all feed though, even with this account, I could hardly see any furry posts, although very occasionally they show up.

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In a nutshell, it’s like English’s they (plural animate or inanimate), it (for feminine objects, remember that german is a gendered language like french) she, and you (both singular and plural) combined.

Though, Sie meaning “you” is the polite version, used to address someone politely. For informal situations, there’s the impolite and always-singular “Du”

While there are different conjugations and capitalization between the different uses of Sie, in the end they all use the same word.

What is your workaround to avoid videos auto playing on websites?

I use Safari with Adguard and Chrome with Ublock on macOS and Chrome on Android with AdAway root version, and they work pretty fine for blocking ads, but these videos especially in news sites always autoplay and annoy me a bit, I think they have the same effect as the ads in annoyance level for me....

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Some browser supports blocking videos from autoplaying, Firefox is one of them but maybe chrome has similar options too. Check the browser settings.

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Nothing major, but I have a few small moments where I feel euphoric, even if I’m usually shroud in dysphoria. It’s like a ray of hope in a dark cave. At least it helped me think twice whenever I wanted to just fully repress.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re subscribed to !memes (and !196 for good measure).

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