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Question : on peut modifier le prix de vente d’un bien entre la promesse et la vente chez le notaire?
(Les conditions imposées par la mairie ajoutent des travaux non connus lors de la signature de la promesse)

readingchameleon, to fanfiction

Hey, / readers, followers (people actually follow me?!), and peoples on the fediverse!

If/when I finish a new multi-chapter fic, would you like a post on here when I release every chapter? Generally I post weekly.

To keep things light here, I would probably default to posting here only once it's done, and maaaybe when I post the 1st chapter.


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Tiens les copain⋅e⋅s, j'ai une #question concernant les sites #web plus précisément les #CMS :
qui utilise Grav ? Pour quel typede site ?
Satisfait ou pas ?
Interrogation sur la pérénité ?

Le :retootPlz: fait la moustache brillante 🖖🏽

eyesquash, to guitar avatar

is the fretting forearm perpendicular to the neck, or does it angle from the body toward the headstock?

I'm putting the guitar on my left leg and have found recently that switching from the former to teh latter, bringing my elbow in and letting my left hand angle so that my pinkie curls more than my index finger helps everything relax more.

Pepijn, to Korean avatar

Most of us make a moral and practical distinction between illegal and "illegal" activities. The latter being common activities objectively against some agreed upon law, but considered acceptable by most of society, and in most situations.

Examples being driving 71 in a 70km/hr zone, no-trace wildcamping deep in a forest, and taking one flower seed from a natural reserve.

Does the English language have a good single word descriptor for "illegal" activities?

#language #question #help

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Is anyone else noticing how quickly our food is expiring? I mean, I had to toss out a pack of biscuits I bought two months ago—biscuits should last longer than that, shouldn't they? And now, just bought some butter a few days ago, only to find out it expires in less than a month! It's really frustrating! 🤔

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Anyone got tips on encouraging patreon/youtube memberships/the like? I don't really like mentioning it every stream but practically speaking I know I probably should

Pepijn, to transit avatar

I have a basic Cateye wireless computer I tried installing on my Omnium cargobike. Unfortunately it doesn't work due to succeeding the max distance (70cm..) between the analog sensor and head unit.

So : I want a very basic (speed, odometer, maybe temperature and time of day). Preferably cheap and wireless. Alternatively cheap and GPS (bit worried about battery life with that).

Any suggestions are welcome!


turbobureaucrat, to NoStupidQuestions

there is Guppe with its wonderful groups. I enjoy the @tea there, but can’t find anything about the geeky things. Is there something?🙂

(Attaching the photo of pancakes as my apology for this toot being not on the tea-related topic)🙃

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Which does allow (not only viewing, but also keyboard and mouse), between at least Windows and (either X11 or Wayland, doesn't matter)?

Think "", but . Something, something maybe?


Pepijn, to workersrights avatar

One of our marketing people has started using Microsoft Copilot in chat and email conversations. The quality of conversation is noticeably lower, and also more tedious for me. Since figuring it out I stopped interacting with them in writing, and just wait for a call.

Is it time for organizations to have some etiquette or policy rule on this? Or is this already in place in many organizations?

Clailou, to random French avatar

Comment je trouve des conseils de droit du travail des fonctionnaires (notamment en terme de sst) ?
(c'est pour hier)

Phipe, avatar

en mettant des # du genre #question #aide #droit #fonctionnaire par ezemp ?
et en pnguant notre patape master pitet aussi @parleur
✊🏽 🖖🏽

seb_tmg, to NoStupidQuestions avatar

Before I come up with a theme for Monday's session myself. Is there a specific theme around meditation, self-regulation, mental health, etc, you would like me to address this Monday?

@meditation @consciousliving

smurthys, to CSharp avatar

I have written C# top-level code before, but I'm obviously suffering a "brain freeze" right now: Why does this simple top-level C# statement say "The name 'Console' does not exist in this context", even though I'm compiling with .NET 7.x and .NET 8 (well past .NET 5 that top-level statements need)? 😳

Console.WriteLine("hello world"); //System.Console works

.NET 8:
.NET 7.0.105:

Someone, please, set me right. 🥺🙏🏽

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les gens qui ont bossé un peu l'économie (comme science et plutot pas l'orthodoxie - hein ! merci)
Donc celles ou ceux là même !
Avez vous des ouvrages à me conseiller d'économie pour les nulle pour que je comprenne les alternatives à l'économie du "libre échange mondialisé capitaliste"

du genre : l'économie de la fonctionnalité, du don, circulaire, de la gratuité etc... qu'est ce c'est et comment ça marche


#question #SHS #economie

SirTapTap, to retrogaming avatar

It strikes me that a few "filter levels" (crazy hard levels most people ragequit at) occur oddly early in some old games

IIRC Turbo Tunnel is like stage 2 or 3, same for the infamous TMNT underwater level

What's the earliest a game's made you (almost) rage quit?

#retrogaming #gaming #question #poll

cliffwade, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

Do you celebrate Easter in any way?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

Feel free to comment below with why you celebrate or why you don't celebrate!

#Poll #Polls #POTD #Question #Questions #QOTD #Easter #EasterSunday #Tech #AllThingsTech

debacle, to Help avatar

! to the :

Which platform for would you recommend? There are so many, such as @Liberapay or

Which one accepts direct bank transfer without need to go through 3rd party, such as or, worse, ? Which one is community friendly. Which one respects donators ?



mari, to linux avatar

Its possible to run Linux on Notebook with eSim support and activate it via Linux ?

jezlyn, to NoStupidQuestions avatar

I have a custom domain I bought through Squarespace for a site they're currently hosting, but I want to move my site elsewhere. I could leave the domain at Squarespace, but I kind of want to transfer it elsewhere, too. Thoughts? Suggestions for another host that isn't GoDaddy? 😛

pomme_s, to NoStupidQuestions French avatar

Je cherche sans le trouver le nom du biais cognitif qui consiste à penser que les autres savent faire comme nous - que ce que nous faisons facilement est facile dans l'absolu, pour tous.

Ça doit forcément être connu comme phénomène, et avoir un nom. Nan?

beardedtechguy, to fediverse avatar

What’s your battery capacity? 🔋🪫

Im still sitting at 100% after 171 cycles on my iPhone 15 Pro Max I got on day 1.

Please BOOST for maximum reach across the . 🙏🏼

samxavia, to firefox avatar

What are the benefits of using Firefox over any other Browser?

#Firefox #Question #Browsers

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Ich suche Computerspiele die ich mit meinem 10 Jährigen Sohn spielen kann. Irgendwie finde ich da nichts wirklich brauchbares. Minecraft und Minecraft Dungeons haben wir schon.

Folgende Kriterien wären wichtig:

  • Multiplayer oder Online-KoOp
  • Spielbar mit Intel HD Grafik + 8GB RAM
  • Er mag lieber Spiele mit etwas Action

#followerpower #FediHelp

Phipe, avatar

Hé les copains GameurZ là, y'a l'ami @jumpfruit qui cherche des jeux pouvant être joués avec son fils de 10 ans.

Quelques critères importants :

  • Multijoueurs ou coop-online
  • jouable avec une carte (intégrée je pense) HD Graphic et 8 Go de RAM
  • le jeune homme préfère les jeux avec un peu d'action...

Des pistes @dada @AugierLe42e @Katyucha et tou⋅te⋅s les autres accrocs de #jeuxvideo ?
Oui c'est la #question pour de l' #aide du jour et ?

KissAnne, (edited ) to Finland avatar

When I came home , I carried all my luggage to the third floor and thought of my 80 year old godfather who insists on carrying all the heavy stuff for me. Should I let him do that or be as persistent as he is?

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