Jok3r, in Please help, I'm autistic, alone, and sad

This guy is impersonating @jordanlund

hobbeskarma, in Please help, I'm autistic, alone, and sad

I don't know if it helps, but for myself when I'm wrestling with low emotions I try and focus on the more academic knowledge that autism often comes with experiencing emotions at the extremes. That the default is usually 100% ok or feeling literally 100% bad. That whole world of grey in between is so unnatural when wired to go all or nothing. And I know that might come across and be recieved as a sarcastic "well thanks, im cured.. " and I know that doesn't make the emotions any less significant or less real or less crap. But for myself I try and attach to that more academic understanding to get me through it. Thats what I try anyway, and try to communicate to my son who is also on the spectrum. Hang in there. We're all just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks really.

Franzia, in Please help, I'm autistic, alone, and sad

Discord mod ☠️🤣

Yeah what’s up autism friend?

iHUNTcriminals, in Please help, I'm autistic, alone, and sad

I’m probably autistic. Am stalked. Am alone. Am sad.

We are a silent majority. The mainstream is just an advertisement for the military and capitalism.

You got a lot of documents bro… Are you in a top secret vault? Are you at maralargo?


Thanks man, please message me at my main account, this is my throwaway account… I feel so bad i wanna kill myself right now

Monodeath, in Hey,, let's collaborate!
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Sounds great :D
Of course, I hope they do the same lol

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Thanks! We got you on our sidebar :)

CodingAndCoffee, in Can't get to the avatar

It's syncing with now. I am replying from my account.

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Thank you!

arth, in Can't get to the
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Aren't magazine names here case-sensitive? Did you try searching for /m/Autism instead?

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Got it working! It was something to do with federation.

s6original, (edited ) in Can't get to the
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Do you think you might have accidentally blocked it? You can go to your profile on the website and check there to see.

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I got it working. I guess I don't know how to trigger federation yet.

Monodeath, in I made a link in my incorrectly named magazine to redirect users to this magazine.
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Oh, thanks dude!
And ofc, if you made the original community but misnamed it you deserve mod lmao
I’ll give it to ya rn :3

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lol thanks! I'll do my part to help out

nice sidebar btw ;)

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Thank you thank you lmao

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