Minecraft Legends Final Chapter: Mojang Bids Farewell to an Unfulfilled Experiment (www.gamingarcade.co.uk)

Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive have officially announced the cessation of development for Minecraft Legends, a unique action-strategy spin-off released on Apr. 18, 2023. Despite continuous efforts to address issues and engage the community with updates, Legends failed to captivate players.

[Discussion] What bugs you about the current state of Modded Minecraft?

I made a relatively small fabric pack (about 100 mods, which I think is small by today's standard?). Something that bugs me is that due to mod dependencies, the pack has like 5 or 6 mods just dedicated to configs (Forge Config API Port, YetAnotherConfigLib, Cloth Config, owo lib, etc)....

What is your favourite Minecraft Update?

The great thing about minecraft is being able to choose which version to play on. maybe you like 1.20 where they added Camels and bamboo wood, or maybe you prefer 1.19 where servers had more independence. Or maybe you are old school and prefer your poppies being called roses and your spiders not being able to jump two blocks...

Everafters SMP - Opening Cinematic (www.youtube.com)

For the uninitiated, Everafters SMP is both a invite-only fantasy-themed academical Minecraft server and an online video series whose premise somehow takes inspiration from the School of Good and Evil book series from the late 2010s, even as evidenced in this opening cinematic, posted by bumbyJake less than 18 hours ago....

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