Sorry we cannot afford to pay the DRM licensing fee. As a result we will no longer be able to inconvenience our customers or prevent people who were never going to pay for our game anyway from playing.

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Thats odd this is either a really odd fanfic or they are using fimfiction to post spam. I will have to notify the fimfiction staff.


The colour reminds me of the car from the monopoly board game.


Nice I will have to test this in linux mint. Been wanting to get battle for middle earth 2 to run but keep getting errors on Bottles and Lutris.


This makes me feel sick to my stomach I cannot vote but I can share this in my instances local politics sub.

Gamers_Mate, (edited )

Wait I already opted out of arbitration 5 or 6 years ago do I need to do it again?


What is the correct temperature for an Irish coffee?


Just voted!


Try signing into first then while you are signed in you should be able to click vote on the link.


Im new to Linux does this include linux mint since it is based on Debian?


awesome thanks I did (xz --version) to check and it is using an unaffected version.


Cute I thought the headlights and plate looked like a face so I made some changes.
I was not sure whether to add the eye brows or not.


That is a good question I guess it depends on how high the UV is?

Clouds are known to magnify UV rays which is why you should still wear a hat on a cloudy day.


I guess it depends on the thickness and the type of clouds?

Cloud factor

There hasn't been much research about the effect of cloud and the types of cloud on UV so at the moment the Bureau only gives a maximum clear sky value, and the times of the day when the UV index is expected to be above level three, he says.

"UV is affected by many things. One of those is cloud, but it depends upon what type of cloud it is, the thickness of the cloud and whether it is deep right through the atmosphere."

UV radiation can penetrate through thin cloud, so you can still get high levels of UV at ground level on overcast days, he says.

Patchy clouds can also intensify UV levels because radiation is reflected off the clouds' edge.

"In other words you get a mirror effect and the UV can bounce off the clouds and focus on the ground. You can get quite high UV levels at the ground during partly cloudy days when there are breaks in the cloud.

"You have to be very, very careful on those sorts of days not to assume you won't get those sorts of extreme levels."


Li’s team has also designed a refrigerator-sized fuel cell that uses a liquefied version of the stored power. That could produce electricity for homes, he said, and “nothing goes into the atmosphere.”

If the powder does not release anything into the environment then this could actually be carbon negative?


"This week, I also refreshed the project's code, and it seems like I'm slowly getting back on track regarding health matters."

I am glad you are getting better.
I will have to have a look into helping with moderation though I take it site moderation is at the instance level unless you mean for magazines?

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