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A semi-nomadic online traveller from Verdigris, archiving, connecting and creating as much as he can.

Also a budding architect, visual artist, and demoscene musician at heart.

You can also see me down Masto-raft at @jupritona, and Fanlore (JWPH) and Newgrounds (that1verdeian).

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With how us humans, regardless of social standing, continue to develop our entire civilization, especially with our immediate surroundings, for the past several centuries, the rate at which we are doing so has been slowly speeding up with newfound technologies and measures, a side effect that of which has been slowly replacing the sweet, calming ambience of nature itself with the brutalist, artificial statis of urban life, without much regard to the creatures we are supposed to take care of and equally preserve for generations to come.
Truly, if we do not ever strive and make pushes towards a sort of a humane-ecological balance, alongside tackling greed as a major factor in this critical climate crisis, we might as well see the Earth's natural resources go "Stand Still, Stay Silent".

theJWPHTER88, to v_s
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Major comeback upscore moment on a Finale...

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Modular synthesis, archiving, lost media, and most of all, rhythm game lore.

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Considering its merits as a meaty scifi story (involving realities, personas, and other relevant technological aspects) nestled within a 4-key rhythm game, I think vivid/statis would fare decently as a standalone novel, along with some tweaks to adapt and interpret the ARG-esque bits whenever possible.

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I've been entirely mostly off from OMORI these days, and still on vivid/statis, wherein I still seem to stagnate at my current ability to clear Classes 2 and/or 3 on Course Mode, as well as raising my personal skills and score on Middle charts past Level 6-9+, just for that last requirement on the final Final Landing song's equivalent chart.

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Admittedly, although I only had experienced the east-side path during said time, I had absolute laughs on vivid/statis' AF2024 update, itself founded on the now-perennial "grode" inside joke, perpetuated by a certain A-Saph as the major driving force.

Ryceam and Phigros', on the other hand, are on the same levels of buffonery as the aforementioned act, the latter also laughing out at the newest additions that were BRAIN HACKER and Cycle of Retribution (that , however, I did not get to enjoy myself due to time issues).

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