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If you're not sure what to write, here are some prompts. Feel free to answer any, all or none of these:

  • Favourite musical?
  • First musical you saw?
  • Bucket list musical? (A show you've never seen but really want to.)
  • Most memorable musical experience?
  • What are you hoping to get out of this community?
  • Anything else you feel like adding.

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Hello! I’m still fairly new in my journey into musical theater but I’ll add my answers!

  • Favorite musical(s): Beetlejuice, Mrs. Doubtfire, Wicked
  • Least favorite musical: Moulin Rouge (the set was stunning but the show was…meh)
  • First musical: Spamalot (can you tell I like comedies?)
  • Bucket list musical: Urinetown
  • Most memorable experience: Getting very creepily hit on by a middle aged recent divorcee throughout the entirety of Tootsie. I was 22 at the time and she was in her early 50s.

Hoping to have lots of good discussions in this community and to learn more about shows I’ve never heard of!

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@sh00g Welcome! There's a "whole new world" of musicals out there. May you find many more favourites.

Urinetown gets done fairly regularly by various companies, so you'll undoubtedly have a chance to see it at some point.

Getting very creepily hit on by a middle aged recent divorcee throughout the entirety of Tootsie

I'm sorry this happened to you. Makes going to the theatre memorable for all the wrong reasons. If this ever happens again, I'd suggest telling an usher - it's definitely unacceptable behaviour. (Not even if that middle-aged divorcee had turned out to be Dustin Hoffman or Santino Fontana in drag.)

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Gypsy with Bette Midler on TV back in the '90s. i owned it on VHS. such nostalgia.

“have an eggroll, mr. goldstone”

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@itsAsin Such a good show. Gypsy is often described as having the perfect book of a musical.

Have you seen any of the other filmed versions of Gypsy? There's another movie with Rosalind Russell from the 60s, and a pro-shot of the 2015 London production with Imelda Staunton.

(I happened to be at the performance they filmed... though it's also possible they shot it over several nights.)

@itsAsin@lemmy.world avatar

i am going to check those out! i know that Ethyl Merman famously played Mama Rose back in the day. every 4th of July i do my biggest Ethyl Merman belt of ‘God Bless America’ and get a bunch of laughs.

i am glad you made this community! i read over your post history earlier and lots of great info and memories. thanks!

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