ohthehugemanatee, to opensource
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I'm working on The (sing-along) ! (working title) for in May. Now taking suggestions for parody lyric songs and performers!

it would especially be nice to connect with performers who are not middle aged white men of north american extraction. Enthusiasm is way more important than musical ability. 😃

katy, to chicago
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New instance, new me?!
Probably not, but at least a new ! :prami_contented:

I’m Katy, a transplant living near . Originally an & singer, I quickly succumbed to the dulcet tones of a steady paycheck & health benefits. 💸Currently a people person trying to make work work better at a SaaS company.

I love to get creative with , , & . Enjoy , too. Beyond lucky to have my wonderful spouse & our darling .

shamphalai, to Cats French
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Dis :mastodon:, quelles sont tes comédies musicales préférées ?
Pour moi, bien sûr, est en tête suivi par , (les 2 me touchent profondément).
Ensuite, place à (, , , , , ..)
Côté français, et .
Et , , , (que je n'ai écouté qu"1 fois mais attirant)

JimDeFazioArt, to music
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drrimmer, to Musicals
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Groundhog Day review – Tim Minchin’s musical is a delight again, and again, and again https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2024/feb/02/groundhog-day-review-tim-minchin-musical-princess-theatre

SteveMcCarty, to Musicals
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We were invited to an exciting show in a venue near Kansai International Airport with 360° screens and sound. The was by former of the Revue (宝塚歌劇団), a renowned troupe where play all the roles in adapted from Western and Japanese , , movies, novels, and young women's comics.

1st photo: With family friends and staff who look a bit like anime or manga characters. My wife is second from the right.

2nd photo: The star came out from the stage and tapped me on the shoulder as she danced by.

3rd photo: Light show and .

4th photo: Finale with all the . They sang "We are the World" mostly in while audience members waved a sort of light saber.


The star touched me as she danced by.
Light show on the screens with music and dancing.
Finale with all the entertainers was "We are the World" sung mostly in Japanese.

drahardja, to Games
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Someone took the in-game video footage for the Herald of Darkness musical from and edited them into a music video, and it’s awesome.

Always love watching Remedy creative director Sam Lake grinning and doing the dance routine.


EricBranse, to Musicals
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This is show week for the seniors at Berwickshire High School which has a brilliant music department. Well worth coming to see. Their productions would grace a professional stage.

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The Berwickshire High School really has an excellent music department. The current production is the seniors' show S4-6, most of the leads actually being S5 students who have just finished their prelims (mock exams). Before Christmas the lower school (S1-3) staged Frozen which was also very good. The last full school show (last June) saw 70 kids on stage, over 10% of the school population, with many more running backstage and tech.

daniellesatm, to apple
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BREAKING: Schmigadoon will not be having a third season on Apple TV+.

Edent, to Musicals
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🆕 blog! “Theatre Review: Alan Cumming is not acting his age”

What a treat! Alan Cumming has the amazing gift of making a 2,000 seat venue feel like an intimate little club. The Crown-Prince of Scotland spent two hours regaling us with tales from Hollywood and singing his heart out. The name-dropping is outrageous! The stories scandalous! The singing fabu…

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/01/theatre-review-alan-cumming-is-not-acting-his-age/

blog, to Musicals
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Theatre Review: Alan Cumming is not acting his age

Poster featuring Alan Cumming in a provocative pose.What a treat! Alan Cumming has the amazing gift of making a 2,000 seat venue feel like an intimate little club. The Crown-Prince of Scotland spent two hours regaling us with tales from Hollywood and singing his heart out.

The name-dropping is outrageous! The stories scandalous! The singing fabulous! It feels like the whole performance is in italics with extra exclamation marks.

It feels slightly odd to say this, but it was delightful to hear him sing in his natural accent. If you've seen Schmigadoon or Cabaret or literally anything else he's been in, you'll know what a gift he has for accents. But hearing classic show-tunes done in a rolling burr was magnificent.

The song choice is, I think it is fair to say, eclectic. I've seen a lot of musicals but even I struggled to place them all. Yes, he does some from Cabaret (although probably not the ones you'd expect) and a delicious Disney medley, but the real joy is in the deep cuts and the self-composed number.

His backing band is modest - piano, drums, trumpet, and cello - but it is more than enough to fill the space without being overpowering.

It is a sweet, joyous, flirtatious, and wickedly funny show. Perhaps the only disappointment was that we didn't get to hear a rendition of the theme from "High Life" 😉

Tickets are available for tonight in London, Thursday in Manchester, and Saturday in Glasgow.


ology, to Musicals
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Time to start writing my, hopefully accepted, https://tprc.us/tprc-2024-las/ presentations on in (beginner & advanced 20 min each)...

Hotchka, to Musicals
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A stage musical adaptation of the film "Purple Rain" is in the works, which will feature the music of Prince with a book based on the film's screenplay. More details about cast, premiere and venue will come at a later date.

sariash, to music
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Good morning all 🌞

Meet the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Here is a charming and fun Tiny Desk Concert performance of some songs from the Sweeney Todd musical for 😍

It's on invidious/youtube here:

itnewsbot, to Musicals
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Hackaday Links: January 7, 2024 - Oh, perfect — now our cars can BSOD. At least that’s how it looks from a forum pos... - https://hackaday.com/2024/01/07/hackaday-links-january-7-2024/ -dos -dos

Liquidream, to Musicals
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Really interesting video essay on why hollywood has a problem 🤔

ChrisBoese, to Flowers
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starrytimepod, to 13thFloor
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In honor of our ret-cons(tellations) of the of in this week's podcast, plz tell me: what's you're favorite song from the 1997 Disney film Hercules?

For reference: https://open.spotify.com/album/1wbY6VUchNsZLaDi22eD3J?si=K61orZ5rQa6RlnTCbZYxNA

seanbala, (edited )
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@starrytimepod "Zero to Hero" - some of the best lyrics in any Disney film!

"From appearance fees and royalties
Our Herc had cash to burn.
Now nouveau riche and famous
He can tell you what the Grecians earn!"

"Folks lined up just to watch him flex
And this perfect package packed a pair of pretty pecs"

SharonCummingsArt, to art
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12pt9, to usa
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, December 20, and the Ice Cream Bunny (Richard Winer, 1972) – with segments based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen – is the . @film ★★★☆☆

SchlocklusterVideo, to Musicals

On December 19, 1984 Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo debuted in New York City. Here’s an original portrait of Shabba Doo!

ricardoharvin, to LosAngeles
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It's criminal that the is the last major system in the that provides free to its students.

My siblings and I all had free access to instruments and instruction here in back in the 70's, and that seemed to be a nationwide standard in most places.

I hate conservatism, neoliberalism and their selfishness and greed.

: https://deadline.com/video/the-last-repair-shop-closing-credits-video/

: https://youtu.be/xttrkgKXtZ4?si=qm-Vag36nnt5BjEb

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In den letzten Monaten habe ich mich durch die von Apple TV+ geschaut und eine, die komplett unter dem Radar fliegt, möchte ich empfehlen: "Schmigadoon!" ist gleichzeitig Hommage und Persiflage auf Musicals der 40er und 50er, später auf die der 70er. Sehr originell, sehr lustig. Songs sind auch super.


@filmeundserien @filme_serien

seanbala, (edited ) to movies
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Today would have been my brother’s 28th . He was an and loved .

In tribute, @dohappybelove and I went to see “Waitress: The Musical” in cinemas starring Sara Bareilles. Well done filmed stage production with a lot of heart. Hope to make this sort of thing an annual tradition on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, brother. I know you are dancing on that heavenly stage.

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