[LFR] Easy to learn games for group of 8+ people who loves some identities bluff

Hey! First post here.

I was looking for some recommandations and hope to get some help here.

Often the weekend nights I am at home with 8-15 friends which love some cheap and fast games. From the last year experience, I see that we love games where identities are hidden and need to be bluffed up. To give you some example, we loved:

  • Saboteur
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf
  • Mascarade

I must admit, the main problem is finding some nice game for that number of people, because sometimes we are forced to play in "couples" :\

The one I listed are just to give you an idea, but I am open to try othere genres too: they just need to be as easy as possible because of the high alcol drunk in those nights...

Thanks in advance

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Avalon is my favorite game in this genre (5-10 players). 5 rounds of choosing people to go out on quests. Players either pick succeed or fail in secret, and if one fail card is picked, the quest fails. Good players can only pick succeed, but evil players can pick either, and the idea is to weed out who is sabatoging the missions. What makes it so interesting to me are the roles. Some players have knowledge of the other players, for example, all evil players know who the other evil players are, but the good players are going in blind. Except Merlin, who knows the identities of the evil players, but of course may not be trusted by their own team. Doesn't help that one of the evil players can guess if they lose who Merlin is, and if correct, their team wins. It's been a while since I've played, but a new big box release came out last year including all released content and some extras. That would be the one to pick up.

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