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#Teacher, #Cartoonist, #Writer, #Podcaster.

Doing what I can as I can with a little #horror thrown in for good measure.

Check my links; alt-accounts in pinned Toots.

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(She/Her) | Journalist | Sword lesbian | Antifascist | Transgender library witch | Tech whistleblower | Aspiring necromancer


Website taking a new approach to game reviews and news. avatar


If you want to find me I'll be out in the sandbox. #TTRPG #Tabletop #Music #Horror #Scifi
Games are for everyone. Science not Superstition. avatar


Dad. Writer. Amateur photographer. Dabbler in tabletop game design. Fan of books, tabletop/video games, comics, music and movies. Neutral Good. He/him.
Thoughts and opinions are my own. avatar


Illustrator and Graphic Designer | Vegan | He/Him | Interested in #design, #creativity, #illustration, #remoteworking, and #sustainability

Profile Picture by me. Header by me.

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My name is Michal, I am based in Warsaw, Poland. I have been playing board games since my youth, being firstly attracted to strategy and economy themed ones. As I always loved history it was only matter of time before I finally drifted towards my preferred type, i.e. Historical Wargames.

That passion of mine urged me to express my hobby in more tangible way, thus The Boardgames Chronicle ( blog was created. Now I am both happy wargames player and content creator!


Level 14 Dad of 4. Christian. Left. Xennial. Enginerd. He/Him. 2006 TIME POTY. Enviromancer. Amateur Pokémon Trainer. Animal Crossing Island: Moduland. Opinions 🗑. avatar


One hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.

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My gaming channel/stream: CeriGotGame
My feminism/queer/other progressive values activism channel: ToplessTopics

Hiya! I'm a content creator who focuses on covering a wide variety of subjects, from progressive politics to parenting, gaming to arts and crafts, and I do it all from the perspective of "normalizing female toplessness through repeat exposure". Basically, providing an example of how a woman can be topless WITHOUT it automatically being considered "pornographic."


Author, always writing. Fantasy, dark/epic/urban (10 published novels) Crime Fiction too. (Unpublished… yet. Coming soon.) Play GW games, (Quest, Bloodbowl, 40K, Warcry, Underworlds, etc.) paint miniatures, as a hobby. Also have a 3D printer. Politically, central. One world, one race, let’s all get along.


Actor/Musician/Voiceover/Wizard/Geek/Shenanigangster/Jedi/Love Warrior. Wearer of many hats. Metaphorically. I almost never wear a literal hat. Almost. Lefty, liberal leanings so if that makes you "HARUMPH" then best move along. avatar


he/him, European (German living in Poland), ttrpg dm, writer, dad, IT drone

posts in English
replies also in German, Polish, maybe French

likes #gaming #ttrpg #writing #reading #fantasy #sciencefiction #wargames #linux #cooking #minipainting #history #osr #art #photography #kaiju #fedi22 avatar


ADHD • :ms_genderfluid_flag: :ms_bisexual_flag: • They/He • Game Maker • DRE @ Meta Quest

Hi there! I'm Ted, and I've been a game developer for ~15 years!

Check my site for
• What I’ve Done
• What I Do
• How to Reach Me
• Open-Office Hours for Students, Hobbyists, and Independents

I'm also building as a home base for all sorts of folks who make games happen!

Mastodon Welcome Guide -

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Game designer, tinkerer, and occasional writer. Bird enthusiast.

Tabletop RPG Miniatures Store
Based out of Arroyo Grande, CA


:VIP: Admin of Tabletop.VIP
:Gamenomicon: Owner of Gamenomicon and author of games like Party First, Warmer in the Winter, One White Eye, and the Time Traveler's Life.
:Podcast: Podcaster on The White Book/Props and Slops.
:IronThrone: Trustee for the Global Operations Team community effort to continue the A Game of Thrones Living Card Game.
#fedi22 #ttrpg #tabletop #games #rpg #boardgames #comics #tabletoprpg #gamedesign #indiegames #running #beer #distributist #methodist #christian


A leading provider of offensive #security solutions & contributor to the #infosec community. #pentesting #appsec #netsec avatar


Concepteur de jeux et auteur, Meneur de Jeu, anciennement chez Ubisoft, Nolife, IG Magazine.
J'auto-édite des jeux de rôle via mon label Empyreal Media Productions.
#JeuVidéo #JeuDeRôle #JDR #Tabletop #TTRPG #Ecriture #Worldbuilding #Retrogaming avatar


He/Him/His | Heterosexual ❤️ 💖 ❤️‍🔥 | Heteroromantic | Cisgender man | Monogamous

Indie game developer, kind conqueror of codebases, tabletop game master, cringe nerd, and ADHD mind chaos.

Solo developer who released Spectrum Break, a neon physics platformer. I am currently working on making my own tabletop roleplaying game about dark fairytale mysteries. avatar

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Activist group ✿ Toots in EN/DE ✿ We highlight workers' right issues in gaming, as well as general union-related news from DE and worldwide.


Canadian geek, not a geek in a can. I started gaming in grade five, started playing at conventions in 2002 with Living Greyhawk. Aspie.


VICE PRESIDENT OF DUNGEONS, Game Master, RPG author & streamer, graphic designer, designer for the stage, dad avatar


#Immersive Experience Institute co-founder. Game Designer at Twisted Pixel Games (Oculus Studios). Creator of Penrose Station, Metaverse Noir. USC Games MFA. The Game Awards Future Class. LA-based. She/her


Polyamorous wife and mom of one. Dog lover with a Husky mix puppy. Professional private in-home subject tutor focusing on English, math, and German. Growing, healing, learning, and living with #autism, #ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, #hearing loss, #irritable bowel syndrome, and #psoriasis. avatar


Building a people centric next generation internet.

Languages: 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇷🇴
Pronouns: your choice
IPA: jɛns ˈfɪŋkˌhɔʏzɐ
Tags: #p2p #interpeer #interpeerproject #privacy #encryption #foss #humanrights
Also: #metalmittwoch
Nazis: fuck 'em with a nail bat. :antifa:
#web3 / #nft: is toxic and must die

Mojo Jojo is my spirit animal.

All my toots are CC BY-NC-SA. avatar


Level 15 Dad of 4. Christian. Left. Xennial. Enginerd. He/Him. 2006 TIME POTY. Enviromancer. Amateur Pokémon Trainer. Animal Crossing Island: Moduland. Opinions 🗑.

Staff / Mastodon Admin:

Tags: #fedi22 #Parenting #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #DadJokes #Jokes #Humor #Silly #Anime #Manga #OnePiece #KPop #Music #ACNHInspo #Christian #Faith

PFP: Balding, bearded white man in a black Venom themed Hawaiian shirt.

Header: Black and white manga screenshot showing a bearded man in sunglasses popping out of the ceiling. A nervous person whose face is partially in view yells, "Dad?!" avatar


hey, it’s me 💕


I like cute pets and I cannot lie. I make bad jokes, toot about small things and boost like my life depends on it. May your crops grow strong and may your wifi be even stronger :yell:

Header image by Jean Willemssens, avatar by Dominique Knobben - both on


IT person, video game player, knowledge lover. Love to read interesting stories & watch #ttrpgs. tfr avatar


He/him. Tyler IRL. If you've seen this handle elsewhere yeah that's probably me. Moderator at Mastodon instance, admin at

#PDX #oregon #PNW #software #dev #deadhead #gratefuldead #bluegrass #jazz #phish #psychedelic #artist #DigitalArt #painting #mandalas #nba #nature avatar


Raw vegan, music producer, open source enthusiast and expert in digital arts. Unity consciousness explorer with a focus on creating abundance and fulfillment for everyone and everything.

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