@UESPA_Sputnik@lemmy.world avatar

Why do they ask for feedback for their platform … on another platform? I don’t have a Twat Twitter account and I don’t intend to ever create one.

@YellowtoOrange@lemmy.world avatar

Yes, I went there to take part and they’re using fucking twitter? Makes me think this is fake.


Sponsorblock is not included, thus it provides an inferior experience to newpipe x sponsorblock or libretube.

Chozo avatar

I get why people choose to use tools like this, but I'm personally against SponsorBlock. Sponsors usually pay the content creator a LOT better than YouTube does, and the deals they offer to content creators can go up or down depending on the retention rate during the sponsored segments of previous videos.

That said, I still manually skip sponsored segments in anything I watch, usually. I'm not gonna pretend to be all high and mighty and act like I sit through every ad and that you should, too. But I'd rather do it manually, so that I can at the very least think about how bad I should feel for ruining their metrics. And also so that if they're a short one that I don't mind sitting through, or if I've stepped away from my screen while the video's playing, that they still get their playback metrics for the ad.

@Noxvento@lemmy.world avatar

I understand your point. But still, I have to use sponsorblock. Some content creators have an insane amount of advertising. I would not watch them at all without Sponsorblock. Maybe my view does not make money for them, but atleast it’s good for their metrics.


What a BS excuse. I do it cause I like free stuff and I don’t have to watch the ads or pay for it. Which is the real reason everyone does it. But it well be an interesting next few years with the basically free money drying up in tech they well have to make money somehow. And I imagine a lot of people well cry when stuff folds or other things happen.

@Noxvento@lemmy.world avatar

Or users will just move on. Why stay and get fucked? See reddit --> lemmy. Not everyone will move on, and that’s fine. Let them watch ads and get spied on. That’s not for me.


Well, yeah, but right now lemmy is pretty convenient. No instances are asking users to pay or donate, and obviously many people would sooner flee to another instance than accept the idea of paying for the service they use. But that can’t work for an actual business.


Lol YouTube as a business is basically impossible to run. There isn't going to be a place to move on to.


That sounds like a Alphabet problem and not yours or mine.

And if that means no more youtube, good.

@NatoBoram@lemmy.world avatar

I wouldn’t even watch LTT without SponsorBlock tbh

@Noxvento@lemmy.world avatar

LTT is one reason why I installed sponsorblock. I like their Videos, but wow, it’s full of ads.


yeah same. there are many youtubers whom i would have just left the video after the first falsely-cheery misleading promotion, whereas with sponsorblock i’ll at least continue watching the video, helping them algorithmically and possibly allowing others who don’t use sb to see their content

it’s the same thing as “pirated copies ≠ copies not sold”. skipped segments ≠ segments not watched


Sponsorblock keeps me from downvoting and exiting immediately if someone properly flagged interactions so thst it skips parts where they ask me to like and subscribe when I just started the video. Why would I just clutter my feed with bunch of subscriptions and like it when I haven’t even had a chance to assess whether I like the content.

I don’t know why but I hate it even more than YouTube ads and sponsored segments those smash the like and subscribe and ring the notification bell commands.


This is the level-headed reply I was hoping for.


My home is an ad free zone. I pay for Premium and I’d pay for no commercials, but since that isn’t an option, I block them.

This war on SponsorBlock is reminiscent of the 80s and the war on VCRs. Advertisers tried to make taping things illegal because they argued people would fast forward through commercials. They were right, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to choose what we watch.

awsamation avatar

Nobody here is trying to force you to stop using it though.

They explained why they don't use sponsorblock, and why they believe you shouldn't either. But the choice is still yours.

Theres is a wide gap between offering a perspective on why watching the sponsorships is worthwhile, and trying to legally force you.


I didn't accuse them of trying to force me to stop using SponsorBlock. They gave their opinion, so I gave mine. That's kind of how this works here.

awsamation avatar

But you did go on to compare this situation to the war on VCRs. Which I think is a poor comparison. You gave your opinion, so I gave mine. That's kind of how this works here for everyone, not just for you.


/u/aluminium is arguing for something like VCR companies building a way to skip ads automatically - I paid for the VCR and I don’t want to see ads It’s not their problem what your preference is, and they aren’t incentived enough to care.

YouTube doesn’t even strictly know what the sponsor conversion rate is, since they aren’t involved in the deal

Louis Rossmann made a great point a long time ago - adblock my videos and donate me a dollar. That dollar is more that I’d ever get from you as an individual via Adsense or sponsor spots.


Also, sometimes sponsors have genuinely good products.

Karl Jobst had a Geologie sponsor which helped my skin clear up a bit.

Recently LTT had a WickedCushions sponsor which I’m hoping will work better for my headphones than my Chinese knock-off ones. I want cloth padding, not leather padding, for my headset, and the ones I got don’t snap in place like the official ones. Hoping WickedCushions are better. They’re arriving today.

Lastly, some of the sponsor segues and spots themselves are just plain funny and add to the content. Karl Jobst with Raid Shadow Legends, Internet Comment Etiquette and Internet Historian with NordVPN, most of LTT’s sponsors, etc.


Thank you sponsorblock for making me not have a clue what some of those brands are. Would you also believe me if I said I have never encountered a raids shadow legends segment thanks to sponsorblock and only seen it joked about in reddit comments? I ❤️ sponsorblock.


Weird flex on a post about how some sponsors are actually helpful but okay.


I will always segue into how much I love Sponsor Block and it’s crowd sourced project that allows people to make their experience more ad free.


Do you pay for youtube premium?


Used to until about 6 months ago, but didn’t actually end up using it much opting for Newpipe x Sponsorblock. Didn’t like the youtube app without sponsorblock, and going through the process of trying to get revanced working seemed more of a hassle than just using NewPipe. I was actually opening videos in my YouTube app to share to newpipe until I was like why am I going through the extra step? And just went fully into relying on newpipe for subscriptions. And on the TV which is one area where YouTube premium would come in handy it still didn’t skip stuff like sponsorblock so came to prefer my PC connected to the TV.

I came to much more prefer NewPipe with the ability to create channel groups that YouTube got rid of and never offered a replacement for years ago. Also, liked the integration of return YouTube dislike. And for playlists I like that if a video is removed it retains the video name and channel so I know what exactly was removed. And being able to 3x through videos. 2x is too slow.

And I’ve found YouTube algorithm not really helpful so I’ve come to really like the accountless approach so much that now I use freetube on desktop after wishing I could use newpipe on desktop. Sponsorblock and 3x speeds. Love it.

Other than blocking ads I feel like youtube premium has a long way to go to offer the features I’ve become accustomed to. Native integration of their own sponsorblock, actual downvote visibility over extensions trying to calculate it, and return of channel grouping would be the features I would expect. And why I like sponsorblock isn’t just because of sponsors. I love being able to skip calls for interactions such as like and subscribe, outros, intros, skip recaps, and skip to highlight. It’s as important to YouTube to me as reddit enhancement suite and third party apps was for Reddit. I’m a very pro third party alternative from the official app.


Someone else’s income is not my problem. Ads are my problem. I support my favorite youtubers with merch buys. I don’t give a fuck about the products they hawk for money, how much they make, or how it sustains them. If the model doesn’t work, then get a new model or die – I don’t care.


ALSO let’s be honest, any YouTuber that HAS sponsors and sponsor segments is already making shit loads of money, they aren’t living in a cart board box. Skipping those segments automatically if you have premium should be automatic.


And we are seeing exactly that.


Sponsors are not YouTube’s responsibility and they dont see money from it.

While it might increase Premium subscription rates, creators will be driven even further away from YouTube - if your content isnt ad monitised, and sponsors are getting blocked, why even upload?


I very much believe they are Youtube’s responsibility. I pay to see no ads, so I don’t wanna see ads. Full stop. I am not sure how true this is, but creators say that when YT Premium subscribers watch they get more revenue. With that they should be required to mark sponsor segments which get automatically skipped for Premium subscribers.

Also I started using sponsorblock only one year ago because I think within the last few years lots of creators have overstepped the mark whats tollerable for me (promoting scams, sponsors taking up 1/3 of the video, …)


So YouTube should build a way for creators to tag sponsor content, and a system to skip it. Despite them not profiting off said content.

It would just create a new arms war of disguising sponsor content, or only including little bits throughout the video. Can the system tolerate 3 sponsor blocks? What about 15 blocks, what about the sponsor playing in the little insert with no audio, how does the blocking work then? If the sponsorblock is imperfect, their official tool either removes legitimate content, or doesn’t work well enough - both piss off the viewer and have made the platform worse.

Or, YouTube accepts no responsibility for what does not cause them a lawsuit (like with DCMA/ContentID), or directly lose them money (ad blocking without premium).

If your preferred creators are putting scams or excessive sponsor spots, either report them, start financially supporting them or stop watching them. Many responsible creators have patreons or alternative services that they don’t do that shit on.

I dislike most sponsor spots, I agree with you, and wish my android box supported sponsorblock properly, but I don’t think it’s YouTube’s responsibility to help me - the creator felt it should be in the video - not YouTube.


android box

are you talking about tv?

because there’s smarttubenext for that


Imma check that out. Casting support/breakage may end up being an issue, but thanks.

@Dark_Arc@lemmy.world avatar

I think the point is that there’s no way currently for a YouTube creator to use a business model (even if they wanted to) where some sponsors spots are excluded for premium subscribers.


Is it any different from product placement in movies or TV? Do you take Netflix to task because some random episode from some random show had a Sony laptop prominently on screen? I don’t understand how that’s YouTube’s responsibility.

What next, you want to sue the government for having advertising billboards on roads because you pay taxes? In an ideal scenario of course it wouldn’t exist but that’s not the world we live in and it’s certainly not going away.

@Dark_Arc@lemmy.world avatar

It’s way different from that. It’s one thing to have a Sony laptop on the screen, it’s something entirely different to go on a 30 second discussion about Raid Shadow Legends, Nord VPN, etc.


Can’t complain, I don’t use it

@cloudless@feddit.uk avatar

Stadia asked for user feedback via multiple surveys. Users asked for more AAA games.

Google shut Stadia down.

Now what is Google going to do with YouTube?

Chozo avatar

Now what is Google going to do with YouTube?

Hopefully keep Phil Harrison far, far away from it.

quirzle avatar

Now what is Google going to do with YouTube?

Run even more ads in the non-premium version, I'd wager.

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