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Spontaneous astral projection

This night I had an interesting experience.
I have never astral projected before, only lucid dreaming but I am very interested in the topic and wanna try to project some time.

But tonight something interesting happened. I woke up in the night and was half awake and quickly slipped back into sleep. When I was about to sleep I felt myself float out of my body. I remember myself floating around above my couch (where I was sleeping) and when I realized (hey I'm floating around outside my body!) I felt I was pulled back towards my physical body and woke up in sleep paralysis.

The experience isn't very clear in my memory - kinda blurry like a dream. And also my living room was dark with only some things being visible even though the lights were turned on in the physical.
However I don't think it was a dream because normally in dreams, the mind fills in stuff such as differences and other people and here was none of that.


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Perhaps it was an AP. Perhaps try affirmations to repeat it.

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What do you use?

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You criticize but don’t even have the balls to name your browser? To back up your claims?

That is pathetic.

T0biasCZe: Android MTP is extremely slow... so I made my own application with C# and ADB thats 28x times faster. Perhaps you may also find it useful... :D (github.com)

I was getting tired of the mtp throwing errors half the time, the directories loading two minutes (not exagerating), the copying taking taking hour, so i said screw it and made my own file transferer that uses ADB, which doesnt rely on the slow as MTP. I made it primarily for myself, but since i already made it why not share it...

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Have you tried pockettube? it allows yyou to create categories so you can bunch your channels together. It’s pretty cool.

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Serf mentality? Living in police state?

They would be treated better as POW’s in any civilized country.

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Though he likely knows more about AI in the film industry than you, I and the average schmuck.

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Is he forced to disclose this, as this will confirm reports that Twitter is dying, which may hasten people leaving, and companies lsaving.

Congress Initiates Plan To Reveal Recovered ‘Technologies Of Unknown Origin And Biological Evidence Of Non-Human Intelligence’ - Liberation Times (www.liberationtimes.com)

Christopher Sharp: ‘Sources have disclosed to LT that, although fronting the new legislation, Senator Chuck Schumer’s staff & others in Senate have been in coordination with various quarters of the U.S. government, including the White House and its National Security Council to create the language.’

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I foresee they’ll say they can’t un redact juicy details due to “national security”

Spotify privacy concerns (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

Spotify is facing a privacy controversy as users allege that their private playlists were made public without their consent. This situation, similar to a previous issue, has raised concerns about an ongoing privacy problem. Users took to Twitter and Spotify’s community forums to report the unexpected change, with one user...

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Btw why doesn’t Spotify have a feature for an ai to create genre playlists (or any mood playlists you want) from your liked songs? If you have thousands of songs it’s impractical to trawl through them creating playlists

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Oh boy we’re really fucked., And they’re isn’t enough time for technology to be the answer, of it they could be.

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It’s annoying that you can make a comment, get downvoted but the downvoters are too cowardly to discuss their reasoning.

I’m happy to change my mind if my reasoning is incorrect and someone elucidates me.

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I commented on post weeks ago regarding a user who was creating many Lemmy spam communities. Perhaps this user did this.

Shame that Lemmy can’t protect against this sort of behaviour (yet)

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Thanks a lot.

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