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Valmond, in Thingy 2

Very cute!

Wait, is there that little string parting the sock? Aaaaaaaa


Flip flops and socks! 😱

NikkiNikkiNikki avatar

The best combo :)

Pistcow, in Frog




Thavron, in [Inktober 3: Path] I DO like the sound of "Free Lewt" avatar

I love the fact that the dumb goblins felled a tree to block the road but it fell the wrong way.

Cris_Color, in Distro Hoppin' [Digital Art] avatar

I adore these!! Where can I find more of your art? I’d love to see ones for more distros- are you on mastodon?


Thank you! Although it’s currently pretty bare I do technically have a mastodon. If I post more linux-related stuff in the future it will probably be on there 😚

Cris_Color, avatar

Thanks for the link, just followed you there ☺️ I hope to see more of your cute distro characters! I’d love to see ones for Debian, Fedora, and open suse!

TheTokingTurtle, in Colorful wall art in abandoned house
TheTokingTurtle avatar

Makes me think about all the beautiful art we’ve missed out on just because it was never shared. Thank you for sharing this :)


I’m glad i shared it ^^

Tim_Schabe, in Colorful wall art in abandoned house avatar


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  • unexposedhazard,

    yeah has this all overpowering feeling to it

    1chemistdown, in Just finished this desert painting, would you like to ignore my artwork as hard as Reddit and Insta do :)?
    1chemistdown avatar

    It’s great. Nice use of colors. I’m getting more Arizona vibes, but could easily fit New Mexico too. Well, I’m off to ignore this real hard. Can’t let u/spez win this one.

    Osvaldoilustrador, in Sky wyvern! Ink
    Osvaldoilustrador avatar


    thanks_shakey_snake, in My favorite vending machine

    Looks really nice! You’ve got a good balance between loose but clean. Don’t be afraid to tilt those box tops away from the viewer-- Play around with pushing the perspective harder to help the boxes look more settled and natural. IMO they look a little floaty.

    If that’s a skill that you haven’t practiced, try looking up some videos/guides for drawing in perspective, and just practice setting a horizon line and orienting boxes to it. You’ll feel your scenes become more grounded and cohesive.

    Great job though, it’s overall pleasing to look at and a cool style.


    I definitely have not practiced anything with perspective, which I was really feeling with the boxes! Thanks for the constructive feedback, I hope to have some hefty looking trash for your viewing pleasure in the future 😀

    merde, (edited ) in Female with Swans in Honolulu, HI

    Leda was admired by Zeus, who seduced her in the guise of a swan. As a swan, Zeus fell into her arms for protection from a pursuing eagle. Their consummation, on the same night as Leda lay with her husband Tyndareus, resulted in two eggs from which hatched Helen (later known as the beautiful “Helen of Troy”), Clytemnestra, and Castor and Pollux (also known as the Dioscuri).

    OsrsNeedsF2P, in My favorite vending machine

    It’s really cute, I like your style!

    I hate to be a weeaboo (I mean ffs, 네 여자친구가 한국인 사람이야), but even I can’t deny the ugly parts of Japan are pretty beautiful. Totally as an aside, if you ever go to Japan, stay away from the major cities like Osaka/Tokyo/etc and instead take the train for 3 hours out of Kyoto for the most beautiful anime-esque scenery

    _wizard, avatar

    Ignore this person! If you ever visit Japan, visit all the parts. It’s so beautiful and I wish I could go back.

    MrQuallzin, in Lost in the Sauce, Oil on Paper

    Reminds me of the back of Homestuck captchalogue cards

    FartsWithAnAccent, in Curiosity avatar

    Reminds me of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


    I opened up the comments to say that it was reminiscent of Lane Smith artwork, particularly “The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Fairy Tales” but I can see how it would remind you of Scary Stories artwork, too. :)

    FartsWithAnAccent, avatar

    I loved those!


    Me too! :)

    wowwoweowza, in Marker on photo paper

    These always make me smile!

    Behole, in Marker on photo paper

    I have seen you post a couple times. I’m curious, what does the photo paper do to affect the final product. Does it just prevent the ink from sinking into the paper more? Nice and fun work. Keep it up!


    in my experience, it absorbs without distortion and keeps a glossy finish

    rasterweb, avatar

    I'd also love some insight! What kind of markers, any notes on the technique?

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