Aspie Memes

Persen, in Ableism

Someone always tells me, that I’m not autististic, because I can speak.

Glopeparasite, in yes.

I have been stuck in a guard post for a week now and I still can’t go on a 5h long speech on the 1st Free French Division. Mainly cause our longest pause between patrol is 4 hours

I need out soon

tkk13909, in amirite?

Doesn’t everyone do this?

dumbkatsune, in yes.

But the Hindenburg disaster happened in New Jersey…

packjack, in Ableism

tf is ableism?

aeternum, in Im Functioning

I'm not lol D:

Taleya, in Literally

‘You can’t be ASD! You have a career! And you’re married! And socialse! And use sarcasm!’

spends five minutes with me on a trivia night or a hyperfixation subject, or witnesses me in the presence of blunt smells ‘…oh’

squigglemonster, in Literally

haha. that's awesome.

semperverus, in Same old shit avatar
Raji_Lev, in same, bro
Raji_Lev avatar

I dunno about "rare" , but same

aeternum, (edited ) in Hey, /m/AspieMemes! Y'all want to collaborate with

Sure, I'd love to collaborate :) I will add you to our sidebar

BackOnMyBS, avatar

Done! Thank you 😀

aeternum, in I hope this fits.

it does.

Haha. I know how that goes.

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