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honestly, I’m not sure. I read online that it can help. Thanks for the help anyway.


I joined because of the reddit changes. I'm not going to PAY for a service that should be free, especially when you consider that they're already making a bucket load from users as it is. I foresee reddit dying very soon. No one is going to pay for an API. Well not many, anyways.

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So Google is now preventing people from removing location data from photos taken with Pixel phones.

Remember when Google's corporate motto was "don't be evil?"

Obviously, accurate location data on photos is more useful to a data mining operation like Google.

From Google: "Important: You can only update or remove estimated locations. If the location of a photo or video was automatically added by your camera, you can't edit or remove the location."

It's enshitification in action.


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You should look into nextcloud. It's like google photos, but self hosted. It's pretty good.


I've been an avid user since it was owncloud, and won't go back to using corporate cloud services ever again.


Dang, that looks pretty good. I'd prefer self hosted though.


Final nail in the coffin. I foresee a bunch of people trying to find somewhere new to go, and hopefully that ends up being lemmy.

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And here's yet another example of how Elon is eroding the usefulness of Twitter.

One of the useful things about Twitter has been the ability to Tweet at or send a message to companies, and get a response from a staff member.

On the company's end, there are various customer service platforms that handle those customer service requests.

But with Elon now charging $US42,000 per month or more for API access, offering customer service support through Twitter is no longer financially viable:

"On Thursday, Intercom announced that the company would no longer support Twitter Integration due to the recent API pricing changes implemented by Twitter.

"Intercom's clients span many industries and include companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Udemy, and H&R Block using its customer support products and services."

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I love waking up in the morning to see what nonsense that nonce has started. Won't be long until twitter is dead, I hope.

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