What’s your favorite AeroPress recipe?

I usually do the Hoffmann method if I’m making it for myself and the default recipe if making for my wife and I but the last couple days I’ve mixed it up and tried out the inverted method:

Time: 1min 30sec

  • Use a medium-fine grind.
  • Put the plunger to the “bottom” (top while inverted) of the 3 so I’ll get a half cup’s worth of infusion
  • add my grounds, 2 AeroPress scoops (22-26oz depending on roast and moisture content)
  • get water to boiling (if a light roast)
  • add enough water to make a paste, do a 30 second bloom
  • add more water until it’s 2/3 full. Stir for 10 sec
  • add water until it’s almost to the top and wait until the timer gets up to 1:15. While waiting, wet the filter and get the top ready
  • give it another few stirs at 1:15 then top off until the water is at the top
  • at 1:30, cap and press. I like to do it into a Pyrex measuring cup.
  • this should yield 1/2 cup of brew (4oz). I then add water up to the 1 cup mark (8oz line) and put 1/2 into the first mug. I fill it up again until the 1 cup and pour that into the second. Add another 1/2 cup of hot water to the first mug and presto, you have two delicious 8oz mugs of coffee!
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If you like experimenting with aeropress recipes I highly recommend the Aeromatic app.
In actual practice, I usually brew inverted, 3 minute steep, grinder settings don’t translate, and I measure the beans by volume.


Wow nice , I haven't heard about this app


What temp?

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High for Aeropress: usually around 205F, but lower for lighter roasts.


That’s a new app to me, hadn’t heard of it! Will check it out!


I was going to recommend this app as well. The built in timer function is a godsend! Also love all the different recipes and that you can take notes in-app! It was a definite game changer for me when I want to mix things up.


Aaand immediate install.
Thanks for the recommendation, this will help me greatly.

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Beside the convenience of machine-brewed coffee I found the aeropress to be an extremly forgiving brewer. I can’t remember ever making bad coffee with it (though I’m a taste barbarian, I enjoy strong flavors, but fine nuances are lost to me, so YMMV). As such my “recipe” is dirt-simple an can be done before having coffee (that circular dependency is always a problem with other methods).

  • I have that Fellow Prismo thingie, so need to mess around with brewing inverted
  • I usually add a paper filter to the metal filter, but more for cleanup reasons than taste
  • 15g beans, finely ground but not quite espresso-fine
  • Quickly add 100ish grams of boiling water
  • stirr
  • fill up to 250g water total
  • put on the plunger
  • wait about 2-3 minutes, plunge & enjoy

For my friend, or if I’m feeling the occasionly sweet tooth myself, I do basically the same just with 125g total water (can be added in one go, I only stirr after 100 above as it is easier and less prone to make a mess if you are too vigorous) The “missing” 125g of water are then replaced with 125g of milk (or a milk-replacement of your choice) + 5g (or 10 for the espially sweet toothed) sugar that receive the nanofoamer treatment

But as I said the Aeropress is extremly forgiving, you can diverge from the recipe quite a bit and still get good coffee. Sometimes I’m distracted and only come back to plunge after 8 minutes and the coffee is still good. Spoon was too full and now its 16g? No need to pick beans out of the grinder, that’ll work too. If you have a feeling for measurements (I don’t) you can just eyball that stuff and not sweat the details


Sounds like a great recipe, will have to give it a shot!


How are you able to get 250g of water in? I only was able to fit about 225 with 15g of grounds.

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Are you breweing inverted? That’ll loose you some capacity. If you have very fresh beans it might also help to wait a little longer after stirring for the CO2 to get out and not have too much foam on top


I’ve tried both but since I don’t have a prismo, if I’m brewing normal I try to get the plunger on ASAP so I don’t loose too much water. Instead I skip the stirring if I’m making it for myself, let it steep and then give it a little jostle 30 sec or so before ready to plunge.

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Yeah, I guess without the prismo you either have to accept a little “loss” at the start of brewing or less water. Shouldn’t make a huge difference either way though


Yeah, I think you’re right. A little loss doesn’t kill the overall quality of it!


I picked up an Aeropress and a decent grinder last week. So this post is incredibly timely for me.

I have espresso roasted beans, so it’s been quite difficult to prevent over extraction, but I have had some decent cups out of it already.

Keen to follow some of these recipes and work out what works best.


Glad you found it useful! Just happy to make a contribution! :)

For a long time I’ve been using the James Hoffman method. If you’re curious, check him out on YouTube. He’s got an entire series on the aeropress and it’s great!


I have been watching Mr Hoffman, he is great!

Tried his method with my current beans, I think they are too darkly roasted for the brew time, comes out very bitter.
Looking to pick up something lightly roasted for my next bag.


You might have some luck adjusting your temperature or making your grind courser for those dark beans. Hotter water and finer grind will both increase your extraction rates and with a dark roast, it’s easier to pick up the bitterness.


Just tried Lucas Zahradnin’s recipe from 2015 and it worked so well with the Burundi light roast I had at home. He recommends Kenya but any high density washed coffee works well:

  • Inverted method
  • 20g finely ground, 5 clicks on the porlex mini… I did it with 8 by mistake but it turned out delicious, I just like having some acidity in my mug.
  • 230ml of water at 80°C. I make my own barista water since the one from the tap is liquid limestone here Recipe for the water.
  • Rinse filter and preheat. I do it over running boiler water from the tap.
  • Add the coffee to the chamber.
  • Pour 60ml of water.
  • Wiggle the AeroPress for 15 seconds to mix the water and grounds.
  • Pour another 170ml of water.
  • Fasten the filter cap, flip, press for 30 seconds.

For one cup:

16g beans, medium grind. Set water to 212F in kettle.

Invert aeropress, plunger to level 4. Add ground beans.

Add twice the bean weight in water, wait 30 seconds for bloom.

Add more water until total water weight is 200g. Wait until timer hits 2min (including bloom)

Flip the aeropress back over onto a cup. Depress the plunger over the course of around 30sec (should be empty at 2:30 mark on timer).

Often I’ll add a splash of hot water to the cup at that point for a bit of dilution.


Thanks for the reply, will have to try it out sometime!


I use my aeropress to make fairly tea-like coffee so not so many beans (about 13g), medium grind, not inverted, minimal agitation - just a quick swirl - and brew for about two minutes, and enough water to make the whole cup (about 250ml). I make sure the water is boiling though so I still get a decent extraction.


Sounds pretty similar to how I usually make it! I fill all the way up past the 4 though and usually btw for 3 mins so I get a pretty decent extraction from it.


When I first got the Aeropress I experimented a bit. All good fun, but in the end I have settled on following basically Hoffmann’s recipe. It is easy to remember, easy to perform, and produces consistently yummy results.

Instead of spending time finding other recipes, I would focus on finding better coffee beans.


I buy what I think are good beans. I only buy whole beans, grind at home, and tend to get ones that are locally roasted.

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  • moosh,

    Hadn’t heard of Wendelboe, will have to check that one out!


    Do you have a specific problem with inversion? I find it so much better.


    I’m clumsy that’s why I don’t do inversion, hahaha. I might end up wearing the coffee.

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