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My QM portafilter was slowly vibrating off the support fork of my Eureka Mignion Specialita. So I did my first mod… (

When grinding coffee the vibrations slowly caused the portafilter of my Quick Mill to drift off the (admittedly not great) support fork of my new Eureka Mignion Specialita. In the nook of plastic top holding part sits a screw, so I had the idea to bend a piece of copper wire and mount it under the screw. The piece (image below)...

DIY Espresso (

High pressure, high forces, long lever arms...all of that meant heavy and strong (read: expensive) parts which I was not looking forward to having to fabricate. Instead, I settled on the simpler idea of harnessing the power of compressed gas. Instead of using a high mechanical advantage lever to push a piston, compressed CO2...

Please help me dial in my espresso.

I’m relatively new to the espresso game and my espresso always tastes a bit sour… please help! I’m using a Breville Barista Express. From what I understand, the sourness is generally because of under extraction. The water seems to be at around 190-200 degrees, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’ve tried to dial in...

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