Here really fits: The S in Spain is silent…


I went to college with a Spanish guy, Milo I watched this exchange.

Girl: “What kind of Spanish are you?”

Milo: …

Girl: “You know, like Mexican or Colombian or Puerto Rican?”

Milo “No no, I’m from España”

Girl: “But like, which country did you grow up in?”

Milo: " España…uh Spain"

Girl: …

Me: “There’s a country in Europe called Spain, its the place where spanish originated, like England is where english originated.”

Girl: “Duh”

Me: “That’s where he’s from.”

Girl: *suddenly realizes how dumb this whole exchange has been and dies of embarrassment.

Blaze, avatar

At least she acknowledged it, that’s better than other people in this situation


Yeah, she was a very smart person, IIRC she was studying aeronautical engineering, literally a rocket scientist. Just one of those weird ways that you don’t think about your bias until it smacks you in the face.

chuso, (edited )
chuso avatar

I had the opposite argument with one Indian guy when I was living in the UK.
He was saying what people speak in countries like Mexico, Argentina, etc. cannot be called Spanish because they are not from Spain and instead they speak Mexican, Argentinian...
I told him what they speak in those countries is still Spanish the same way that what they speak in the US is English even when they are not in England. He replied that what they speak in America is not English either but American instead.
Then I realized how stubborn he was in his wrongness and just gave up.

beanz00_, avatar

so no one is going to mention the fake moustaches on the eyebrows

samus12345, avatar

And it’s not like there’s a place called Englia where they speak English, either!

beanz00_, avatar

i legitimately thought this for 3 years…

…then i turned 4

orphiebaby, avatar

Every bit of this is glorious. ♥


Spain is called Špania in my language lol




I was expecting something else when I clicked this post. “En España se habla español” is something you would expect to hear from a Spanish Nationalist as a way of attacking Spain’s other languages.


I initially wrote “hablan español en España” but I was corrected in the comments. I’m just a beginner!


Port O’ Rico

It’s the perfect joke. I love it.

Resol, avatar

And then there’s the sequel:

Costo Rico


Lol, I read that as Costco Rico

Resol, avatar

I actually prefer it like this


En España se habla español.

Sounds better that way.


Thank you for that! I’m a beginner (obviously).

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

What did it originally say?


Hablan español en españa.


People in Spain don’t speak Spanish, they speak Mexicanish.


Well to be fair: Some regions in Spain really like to prefer to call it “Castellano”.

Blaze, avatar

That’s the name used in the language itself, in English they would mostly use “Spanish”


They call it español here in Colombia. I have heard spanish referred to as castellano but not generally from the locals here.

Blaze, avatar

Indeed, it’s more used in Spain to differentiate it from Galician, Catalan, Basque, etc. In South America there is no need for that


In Paraguay they call it Castellano


Yes, because there are multiple Romance languages spoken in Spain, and they’re all “Spanish” to people who live there. Castellano is the one spoken in Madrid, so it’s what the rest of the world thinks of as Spanish, kind of like how Mandarin is often referred to as Chinese even though other dialects are equally Chinese.

Blaze, avatar

This is a troll, it’s not possible otherwise


No, can confirm there are far too many people this ignorant. I work with a good number of them. I’m in North Georgia, and some of these people literally can’t find themselves on a map of the United States and believe the English folks stole English from the Americans…

orphiebaby, avatar

My sister-in-law said she couldn’t have mayonnaise because she was intolerant to dairy.

People are just dumb these days.

cmbabul, (edited )

I live in Seattle but I hail from the atl metro, I can confirm this is not uncommon, my mother asked me where Canada “ended” yesterday… she thought it was just above nyc

Blaze, avatar

That’s just crazy to me. Remembers me one time I was in Canada, and we were visiting a museum with First Nation People depicted.

A woman I was with asked me “So, do you also have First Nations in Europe?”



Maybe the Basque are sorta culturally first nations. The language they speak is not related to any other language spoken in Europe. It’s the only surviving language that descended from pre-indo-European languages of prehistoric Europe.

Blaze, avatar

I mean, current Basque people are descendants of the original Basque people it’s not like someone arrived from another continent and slaughtered them.

About the language, there are a few other non Indo-European languages: Finnic languages (including Finnish, Estonian) and Ugric languages (Hungarian)

CurlyMoustache, avatar

Yes. I am a sami, what you would call “first nation”. There are many, many other kinds of indigenous peoples here in the Nordics


I’m very passionate about the Sami and very interested in their culture. There’s no doubt they are a historically oppressed people and indigenous to Sapmi.

But let’s be rigorous here. They weren’t in Europe before everyone else like the First Nations in Canada. The Sami arrived in Europe, from the Urals in the 2nd millenium BC. By this time the Indo-Europeans and their languages were already spreading through Europe. The Neolithic farmers who mixed with the Indo-Europeans were there since the 7th millenium BC. The hunter gatherers they mixed with…were there since before the last ice age.

You could make the case that the Basques are our first nations. That would be true of their language and culture. But the fact is, genetically, they are pretty much the same as their neighbors due to millenia of intermixing and contact.

CurlyMoustache, avatar

That’s why we don’t call ourselves “first nation”. We’re indigenous people


There’ve been people in Sapmi for at least 10 millennia.


Maybe, but not Sami people.


Ok I looked a bit further, the evidence for the first inhabitants of the region being ancestors of the Sami is based on linguistic studies with other Uralic languages. But it’s far from direct evidence. I always assumed it was based on archeological evidence.


We have the Sami in Sweden/Norway/Finland/Russia.

They where treated like shit here as well… not genocide bad, but forcefull eradication of culture/language/religion during the 20th century bad.

Blaze, avatar

Interesting, thank you for this!


No problem!

If you’re interested you can read up on them here

snooggums avatar

They where treated like shit here as well… not genocide bad, but forcefull eradication of culture/language/religion during the 20th century bad.


Yup, Sweden drank the “race biology” kool aid.

Did a lot of nasty shit to mentally disabled people too, like giving them super sticky candy to study the effects of sugar on tooth decay.

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

Which gave us the term Lördagsgodis (Saturday candy).

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