Constructed Languages

OC Lord's Prayer in my conlang

I find that translating this is a great way to come up with new bits of grammar & vocabulary when conlanging, so I decided to try translating the Lord's Prayer in my unnamed conlang. Came up with some fun stuff, such a "subjunctive" suffix to change the meaning of auxiliary verbs, a way to write first-person plural pronouns, and...

Dependent clauses in my unnamed conlang

While I haven't done much conlanging in a while, I figured it'd be fun to showcase a cool feature from my conlang. In this conlang, gerunds are used to make dependent clauses. The best way to demonstrate this is probably to show an example, starting with content (noun) clauses like indirect statements....

How to best organize an isolating language's grammar?

Writing a conlang grammar is pretty hard, especially so for analytic and isolating languages. Most natural language grammars seem to be based off the classical grammars of Ancient Greek and Latin, 2 languages with a lot of complex morphology; something that isolating languages obviously lack. So what does one do about that then?...

OC Ahrishiv: A 13 minute poetic myth in a musical polysynthetic logosyllabic conlang

I wrote a 13 minute poetic myth in a polysynthetic logosyllabic language I constructed to have a 24edo compositional orthography where each syllable has a 1 measure melody which is transposed up and down to indicate its grammatical usage. It also has phonetic, glyphic, and postural orthographies....

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