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Protogen: A Community dedicated to everything Protogen and Primagen related (

An SFW community dedicated to sharing artwork of or having discussions about Protogens and Primagens, as well as occasionally species and fursonas which share similar traits (i.e. synths). Protogens are a cybernetic species in the furry fandom created by user Koinu....

For all your travel questions related to France : VisitingFrance (

When lockdowns were coming to an end, there was an influx of people asking travel related questions on r/france. Something I wish existed at that time was a francophone equivalent to r/VisitingIceland, which is an incredible resource and community when it comes to making your travel plans to Iceland....

Minecraft Suggestions — A community for sharing and discussing ideas for Minecraft

The threadiverse counterpart of r/minecraftsuggestions. This isn't a new community—we (the r/mcs mods) made it a while back following the whole Reddit API fiasco—but since it hasn't been posted here before, I figured that I'd put it here for anyone who's interested but not aware....

Fantasy Games Unlimited ( - A place for the fans of this influential TTRPG publisher to gather and chat. (

Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) was founded in 1975 and actively published until 1991 (limping along in direct sales afterward to this day). FGU is known for its large, eclectic, and often very influential collection of published games. This community is devoted to this wild, wonderful, weird game publisher’s works and...

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