EasyJoin for macOS - test version 3.5_α7

You can download it from https://easyjoin.net/beta/EasyJoin-macos-3.5-a7.zip https://kbin.social/m/easyjoin/t/856710/EasyJoin-for-macOS-test-version-3-5-b1.

To test data sharing with other devices, you can get the free versions for Windows and Android from the site. There are features not available in the free versions that are present in the Pro version for Android, but I would be happy to receive feedback on the available features.

Latest functionalities

Remote file management. You have to enable the option on the "Settings" page of the "Trusted" device.

Menu bar items:
Files sending queue: the queue of files being sent.
Allowed folders: the folders you have given permission to access from the application.

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