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It's come to this

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What's the 2024 state of the art for local macOS+arm64 development nonsense?

Without spending TOO much time combing my (halfhearted because I've been developing via headless Linux since 2020 & it's actually very nice) notes, the last I recall hearing is:

  • Homebrew still "is what it is” & its entire world has since been updated for arm64?
  • Actual-Docker works now, but still via a (Virtualization.framework? emulating Intel??) Linux VM?
  • ISTR other non-Docker VM/container tools exist?
  • ???
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Related to above #macOS question, tangents:

#Python env management. I’m told PDM is current state-of-the-art, Hatch also good, uv if you're not allergic to VC money, Poetry if you can stomach its bug surface, or the evergreen "just use pip-tools”.

Or use a polyglot tool like mise (fka rtx) or asdf (or haha-only-joking-unless, Determinate System's #Nix installer + flakes).

Also curious about #Rust on macOS arm64, even though that's getting ahead of myself.

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Pretty soon linux desktop can be advertized as "the only Ad-free operating system"

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@gabriel has ads now?

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Are you as excited as we are?

My new 8.6 is ready to go, and we have our "official song" for the new version!

It is "Rock-Paper-Scissors" by Katzenjammer, a really cool band from Norway.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Do people want AI in their browsers?

If the survey I did on Mastodon is anything to go by, most people do not.

2% Want AI in their browser.
25% Want AI in their browser, if their data is not used for other purposes, such as ads and profiling.
73% Do not want AI in their browser at all.

575 entered the poll.

A lot of browser companies are now pushing AI in their browsers.

I guess the 2% have a lot of browsers to choose between.

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It is always incredibly exciting to prepare a new version for a release, and this new #NeoFinder makes no difference.

Did I find all the bugs, are all new features working as expected?

So far, it is looking very good, so stay tuned for another NeoFinder for Mac release coming next monday.

#Apple #macOS #IndieDev #Photography #developer

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People often tell me that there is a lot of browsers out there. In some ways it is true, but how many of those browsers are:

  1. Not made by an OS company?
  2. Not made by a search company?
  3. Not made by an ad company?
  4. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.
  5. Has encrypted sync feature.

Can you name even 5?

That would give you the truly independent browsers.


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😓 happily, photorec/testdisk recovered 100% of my photos

lost all of the photo metadata and editing changes, but i couldn't care less.


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I had a survey where I asked users on Mastodon which Vivaldi products and services they are using. This is the result:

83% Vivaldi on Windows, Mac & Linux.
65% Vivaldi on mobile
56% Vivaldi sync
39% Vivaldi Social (Mastodon)
13% Vivaldi Forums
9% Vivaldi Blogs
1% Vivaldi Automotive

11% used none of the Vivaldi products and services.

724 responded.

It is great to see how many are using Vivaldi across devices and sync. Vivaldi is one of the few browsers that offers browsers on all major OS and the only browser to do that and provide the browser in cars as well.

It is also great to see how many are using the different Vivaldi services. We are happy to provide ways for our community to engage and to support the Fediverse!

If you wonder what Vivaldi is, the best way to figure that out is to download it from


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old #macOS tip that has become forgotten knowledge over the years:

after nearly 25 years, macOS is still pretty bad about sending hardware to sleep during all kinds of important OS events.

this terminal command prevents any kind of sleep:

> caffeinate

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"CompressX, my #FFmpeg wrapper for #macOS, made $9k in the last 4 months"

Sometimes you don't have to invent a new product, just a better UI and experience.

SENTINELITE, to macos avatar

I'm going to lose my mind. I regret updating. I knew it was a troubling release. Even macOS 14.5 seems bad.

I can't tell if Apple changed some AVFoundation things, but stuff isn't "just working" anymore. 🤔

#macOS #AVFoundation #Mac

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Genau an diesem Tag im Jahr 2008 passierte die russische Raumfähre #Buran den Rhein bei Neuwied, auf dem Weg in das #Technikmuseum Speyer.

Ich habe dieses Photo gefunden mit der "An diesem Tag" Suche in meinem #NeoFinder für #macOS 😎

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👀defaults write -g _NS_4445425547 -bool YES 👀

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BetterDisplay released Version 2.3.0

Unlock your displays on your Mac! Flexible HiDPI scaling, XDR/HDR extra brightness, virtual screens, DDC control, extra dimming, PIP/streaming, EDID override and lots more!

#adminlife #macos #opensource

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upgraded one of my production machines to monterey. so far, so good - and it looks to have solved the safari cache corruption bug in big sur

thanks @billgoats

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Latest photos of my laptops decorated with various stickers.

The 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro is my primary laptop, so it has collected a bunch of stickers.

The Surface Pro 3 is adorned with several Linux-related stickers, but also a Blahaj saying "Don't test me!", even though I use the Surface Pro 3 to test different things with Linux.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 (AMD) has a Blahaj with flames behind it and Mona getting ready to stomp on a bug. I'm using that laptop to keep up with Pop!_OS and the new COSMIC DE.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 is my primary Linux laptop, so it's starting to collect more stickers. I'm waiting for a new set of Birdo stickers to add to it.

Back of a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 hybrid tablet with stickers of the Linux mascot Tux, a Blahaj holding a fork saying "Don't test me!", a stylized head of the Xenia mascot, and Powered by Fedora
Top of a Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 (AMD) with a Linux inside sticker, a Blahaj with flames sticker, Xenia sticker with a black Linux shirt and holding a keyboard, and a GitHub's Mona wearing a large reptile cape getting ready to squash a bug
Top of a Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 laptop with GitHub's Mona wearing a space helmet, a cat waving an LGBTQ+ pride flag, a Blahaj sticker saying "This is fine" while sitting down next to a table with a coffee cup and flames all around, a stylized Xenia mascot head and two small stickers for Python and Fedora

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macOS users: did anyone ever figure out the cause of this Safari rendering bug in Big Sur/11.x?

it happens on every one of my big sur machines, and is inexplicably specific to news websites. i imagine it is some kind of image caching bug. sometimes it also swaps images between different news articles, so the photos are wrong 😆

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I really like that the integrated video player in the Gallery View of #NeoFinder not only plays MOV and MP4 files, but also many AVI, MT2, M2TS, M2V, TS, MPG and MPEG files!

#macOS #Apple #VideoTools #VideoLibrary #VideoProducer #fcpx #IndieDev

irfan, to macos

I love how on when you intend to move a bunch of files to a folder, and when one file with the same name already exists in the destination, you're only given the option to stop the entire thing, to replace the existing file, or move anyway under a different name. Not a single option that just... idk... skip moving that one (or however many affected) file maybe? The best thing is, that stop option, the dialog that asks you gives you a checkmark option to "Apply to all" (unchecked by default) - bcos of this, a user unfamiliar with 's brilliance might assume that "stop" simply means "skip" commonly found on other OS-es including and for file operations such as moving/copying, 'cept not, "stop" literally just stops doing anything.

Oh, also, you can't even enjoy what you have found to be so common such as doing a shift-click selection on Finder... unless you happen to be in the right "view" mode. That simple thing couldn't even just... work. I honestly can go on and on about how slow that piece of shit is at performing searches or copying/moving files, or how modifying all the ridiculous preferences take forever bcos they hide in multiple, nonsensical places when on for example, you get one nice menu with sensible tabs and options where you could do wtv needs doing in ~1 minute. Heck, even setting the default app to be used to open a certain file type requires a hidden shortcut that then opens up a stupid looking window at the edge of your screen with tiny af buttons and GOSH I CAN GO ON FOREVER.

Fuck Finder, honestly. I'd take that ugly ass anyday of the week if it means I don't have to deal with Finder. Thank god I'm a Linux user, blessed with 's Dolphin. I'm almost certain only hires interns for anything software over there.

Update: Found a fix! Just use the terminal <3

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Fellow Blenderheads, if you'd like to have a go at SDF modeling, a new add-on is calling for beta testers. According to the add-on developer, it works in Blender for macOS as well. 👍

@blenderartists thread:

Discord channel:

General SDF info thread:

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Is there truly no direct way to share photos directly from Apple Photos to Flickr on MacOS these days?

This is a pretty significant hole in my photos workflow.

#Flickr #macOS

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@thurrott The idea of preference for me has faded when it comes to desktop operating systems. I use #windows11 #macOS and #Linux Fundamentally they are all the same at this point. There are little things I like about each. On Windows, I prefer the skeuomorphic icons, on Mac I like the detail and UI gestures, Linux I like that it’s free and does 99% of the things we buy a Mac or Windows device for.

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Thank you, #Apple, for NOT making MKMapFeatureAnnotation available in #macOS.


What are they doing?
This is so frustrating...

Seriously, Tim, if you are not interested in macOS anymore, place it in a new separate company that may actually work on it, and fix the bugs...

#development #IndieDev #AppKit #wwdc

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Quite possible, yes. Maybe Timmy is simply looking at the numbers, and counting the money.
Somebody should really tell him about the lousy software quality of ...

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