Daily General Discussion - June 12, 2023

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Hi all and welcome to kbin and m/ethfinance, our temporary-and-maybe-someday-more home while reddit learns its lesson.

I didn't get a chance to reply to everyone in the previous thread, but I did read. Please feel free to ask me any questions about kbin, Lemmy, the fediverse, and I'll try to answer. I've spent quite a few days now exploring it. I also encourage fediverse users to chime in, whether it's from Mastodon experience or somewhere else.

The dev (@ernest) is lovely, responsive, and working hard right now. Feel free to chip in with suggestions at m/kbinmeta or if you have web dev experience, maybe consider reaching out directly to help.

No doubt you're all noticing kbin is slow. It's good to remember that the beauty of federated (decentralized) servers is also in the initial brutality. Servers can be run by anyone (great!) but servers must be run by someone (oof). Ernest is one guy, spinning up a server for refugees of a global conglomerate. It's partly why I tried -- and will keep trying -- to open a server of our own.

I'd encourage everyone to have a little patience, be extra kind and gracious, and at worst, take a little time away from the screen if it's crawling. They're planning a large infrastructure change next week. In the meantime, try to enjoy the brave new world here. We haven't had a truly "new" website to explore in many years. It's kinda exciting!

Now back to the memes, lines, and triangles.

anon avatar

Thank you, kbrot, for sheltering us here while Reddit goes all evil corp on us. Or do I need to write /u/kbrot to ping you?

I have a couple of unimportant and non-ETH related questions -

  1. How do I set up a profile picture? I went to “Profile” but I don’t see where to set it up (on mobile if that matters).
  2. I turned on “Infinite scrolling” in the Settings but the daily still paginates at the bottom (i.e., I have to click on the next page number). How do I change that?

It’s weird feeling like a helpless newb all over again.

zzmthesurand avatar

You have to go to Settings > Profile first to edit things like your profile picture and cover picture.

haurog avatar
  1. For the profile picture go to Settings -> Profile and there you can upload an avatar.

  2. same here

kbrot avatar

It's all the dev's hard work for now. I just made the magazine for us.

You should be able to @ me. Testing this @anon (what a username to claim!)

  1. Settings > Profile > Avatar for the pic
  2. Not sure, I haven't toyed with infinite scroll yet. (Didn't want to push the servers any harder than necessary for now.) It could be a UI bug that needs multiple refreshes or even a log out/in?

literally won't upload for me. Tried with all addons turned off (which is how I had to register) and even on Edge. I just don't get to have one it seems.

kbrot avatar

Aw, hopefully just a quirk of these early days. We'll just pretend you're a dark gray block irl too for now.

anon avatar

Thank you @kbrot, I was able to set up my avatar, though I can't get the infinite scrolling to work just yet for some reason.


What's the process to set up a server ? I mean what are we missing ? Is it a matter of tech skills, a matter of fuding ? I'm happy to help with both

kbrot avatar

Thanks. Definitely tech skills. Don't need funding anytime soon. I'm extremely tech savvy and have a homelab, but never attempted anything remotely like a kbin server before. I basically crunched an entire server admin course into 3 days to try and get something up and running for us.

You can see my work so far here: https://ethfinance.duckdns.org/ ... (It'll eventually be EFbin.xyz)

Anyway, the only way to register and login currently is Google OAuth, which isn't great for a DeSo website. I also got my Github OAuth key running but... there's no button. I'm unable to get the kbin instance to talk to my SMTP server, which is just a namshi container. So, people were signing up -- and I can see them -- but they're all "inactive" and unverified because no emails are going out.

Perhaps most importantly, I'd be happy to turn off email verification and just let people sign up freely. I just don't know how to do it.

If you've got the skills, I'd see if you can grab the repo from codeberg/kbin and parse through the symfony compose and ENV files. You'll have to explain the solutions to a dumb dumb like me, but I'd greatly appreciate it.


I'm not sure I start from a better place than you. I know zero about all of this, but I would be happy to dig and help kickstarting an initiative !

hanniabu avatar

Yo! I also have a non-ETH question, soz. I’m another newbie to kbin, lemmy, fediverse, the whole thing.
I noticed this post, and one for cs, were "pinned" to my subscriptions feed, despite not being subscribed to these subreddits.. ahem, magazines. Is this a "feature" or am I doing something wrong?

Having posts (or is it threads? I am so confused by all this new terminology) from magazines I’m not subbed to appearing in my subscriptions feed is not exactly something I want. If I want to find stuff I’m not subbed to, I’d check the r/all-equivalent page, right? That’s at least how I’d assume most people want it.

Having topics I’m not exactly interested in (no offense) like crypto and counterstrike shoved in my face isn’t a good first taste of the platform IMO. Or are they just pinned for everyone because they’re directly relevant to the Reddit exodus situation?

Probably not replying to the right person here, but thought it fitting since you seem to be in contact with the dev and this thread (post?) is relevant to my question.

kbrot avatar

Yo! Yes, threads here are either "articles" (on reddit would be a text post), links, and photos. On kbin, a "post" is essentially a tweet. Those are viewable in the Microblog tab.

I too have our daily and the cs at the top of the homepage. While it's possible there's enough activity her to place us at the top, I can't imagine it'll stay that way for long. I would anticipate all of these UI quirks being addressed over the coming days and weeks. I agree it's not ideal. The dev is working around the clock and could even be breaking things as he works.

In the meantime, I'd check out various Magazines and see what interests you can find established here. Hopefully the communities here are chill as they gear up.


I figured it out! Despite setting subscription as my home page in the settings, it seems clicking the home button still took me to the r/all-equivalent. On mobile, you have to use the filter button to filter to only subscribed to see only the magazines you’re actively subscribed to. Hopefully that’s a bug that’s fixed at some point :)

newtosh avatar

I’d check the r/all-equivalent page

Just to make sure I don't misunderstand, the r/all-equivalent page would be https://kbin.social, while our "sub"/magazine would be https://kbin.social/m/ethfinance/, right?



  • kbin.social = reddit.com/r/all (or just reddit.com if not logged in)

  • kbin.social/sub = reddit.com (when logged in, as in just showing you your subscribed subreddits/magazines)

  • kbin.social/m/[magazine] = reddit.com/r/[subreddit]

shiftli avatar

Thanks @kbrot for setting us up with the magazine (will take a while to get used to this title) and 100x thanks to @ernest for making kbin in the first place!

Yes, the server is slow and there are things that could be improved, but everyone can help making this great:

newtosh, (edited )
newtosh avatar

Random observations & thoughts about kbin.social:

  • Unlike Reddit, kbin natively supports posting pics in comments 📸
  • How to set an avatar: Click 'your-username' (on the top-right of the page) --> 'Settings' --> 'Profile' (in the appearing horizontal menu). I overlooked the horizontal menu a dozen times.
  • Subreddits are called Magazines here
  • The ethfinance magazine that @kbrot set up for us lives on the main kbin server, https://kbin.social - if you check its homepage, you'll see posts from other magazines too, such as news, RedditMigration, or unpopularopinion
  • The default sorting of our daily thread is "hot" (=nr of upvotes), you gotta switch manually to "newest" every time (sigh) if you prefer that
  • Like on reddit, we can upvote threads (updoot the diddly) as well as individual comments/replies
  • We're still missing a choo-choo-train or some other banner. Can magazines have banner pictures @kbrot?
  • Federation, the hallmark feature of kbin, is switched off temporarily. Check out the kbin-alternative Lemmy to see how it works: The homepage of the lemmy.ml server curently also displays threads originally created on the lemmy servers beehaw.org, lemmy.world, and feddit.de. In the comments of such threads, you see accounts registered on a variety lemmy servers, such as lemmy.one, sh.itjust.works, sopuli.xyz, etc. Federation means the servers talk to each other to enable cross-commenting and cross-viewing.
kbrot avatar

Excellent summary. Boosted. (and maybe we pin it in Discord for the downtime moments?)

fiah avatar

Federation, the hallmark feature of kbin, is switched off temporarily. Check out the kbin-alternative Lemmy to see how it works: The homepage of the lemmy.ml server curently also displays threads originally created on the lemmy servers beehaw.org, lemmy.world, and feddit.de. In the comments of such threads, you see accounts registered on a variety lemmy servers, such as lemmy.one, sh.itjust.works, sopuli.xyz, etc. Federation means the servers talk to each other to enable cross-commenting and cross-viewing.

this is the killer feature, and I honestly don't think it's a great idea to try to have a community on an instance that isn't part of this federation (yet). I like kbin, I think it looks better than lemmy and it feels great to use, but not being connected to the other (thriving!) communities out there is probably not worth it

BlackCoffee avatar

Hey! To chip in;

Kbin is already discoverable and you can already access other communities on different instances via Kbin.social (I don't know if it is possible the other way around for now because of Cloudfare enabled).

The thing is because of the influx of new users Cloudfare is turned on temporarily so that the site doesn't crash constantly, it only messes up Kbins "place" in the universe for the time being ;) from what I understood.

Beehaw.org is an lemmy instance for example and if you go to "Magazines" here and type in "Beehaw" you can see the beehaw communities and access them from the Kbin instance.


Yeah, I suspect federation is off here for stability and performance reasons during the blackout. I believe this instance had federation on last week.



696, (edited )
696 avatar





GM GM! Now this is an EthFinance thread!

austonst avatar

I briefly checked out kbin a few days ago, but took a deeper dive today... and I'm kind of on board now. Still don't quite get the relationships between magazines, threads, and microblogs, and unsure how federated content from platforms with a different structure and UX (say, Mastodon) will map onto kbin. But my big realization today is that I don't have to understand all that to get started!

If you forget about federation and microblogs for a bit, kbin.social seems like a basic but serviceable Reddit clone. You can find various nascent communities popping up that seem like they function similarly enough as they do on Reddit. Daily threads on @ethfinance, episode discussion threads on @anime, strong political biases already taking root in @news, etc. I can understand all that without caring what goes on behind the scenes. And I can explore the larger fediverse at my own pace.

The big challenge is just that network effects are too stupidly strong. Makes it way too hard to unseat incumbents. If I ever picked up a new hobby or video game, or wanted to see what the experts on home ketchup production thought about how different brands of sugar affect the mouthfeel of the final product, I could be sure to find a thriving community on Reddit discussing just that. It's tough to give that up. But right now the promises of federation and the hopes of creating an ecosystem more resilient to large-scale corporate BS are sounding pretty good to me.

But to keep things on topic, I wish I could sign in with Ethereum and have my profile and data controlled by my Ethereum address. Make identity intrinsically transferable across instances/servers, have native support for POAPs/NFTs, and possibly build a lot of identity tools around ZK attestations of some sort. I wonder if ActivityPub is flexible enough that a web3-oriented frontend could be developed to provide that kind of UX while largely relying on other instances for communities and content.

kbrot avatar

But my big realization today is that I don't have to understand all that to get started!

Love that! Yeah, the lack of federation on kbin.social while the dev prepares the server has been a gift and a curse. It's definitely allowing native magazines here to thrive, but it does feel a bit hollow like subreddits started to.

If you want to dip your toes into the full breadth of the fediverse from the safety of a kbin (reddit-style) app, the fedia.io instance is fully functioning and federated. You can browse content from all around the fediverse, including what I imagine may be larger, more active forums currently for anime and news on instances like lemmy.ml (careful, they're under load too), lemmy.one, beehaw.org, and of course fedia.io itself.

With OAuth from Github, Google, and FB available to kbin logins, I'm sure SiWE is doable. Might just take a chat with the dev once things calm down and we're still nascent. That'd be a huge win.






how do you do fellow ethfinanciers

cryptOwOcurrency avatar

Welcome to kbin!

cryptOwOcurrency avatar

Daily Validator Entry Queue Update

Validators: 94,024
Wait: 43 days, 22 hours
Churn: 9/epoch

The queue is still going strong! Where is all this fresh ETH coming from?

Unfortunately I don't have the fancy math or data sources to give an update on when the churn limit will increase to 10/epoch, but IIRC it will happen within the next few weeks.

View the queue any time here:


There's an exit queue atm of about a day, so that churn limit increase will probably take a day longer to kick in.

hanniabu avatar

Changes in churn are taken into account for the wait time calculations on https://www.validatorqueue.com/

hanniabu avatar

I don't have the fancy math or data sources to give an update on when the churn limit will increase to 10/epoch

at 655,360 active validators, about 20 days from now


Man this site takes 9 years to load. Unrelated, alts are crashing to levels not seen in years


Glad to see this community dipping its metaphorical toes into the fediverse. I hope one day an entirely decentralized stack will be possible (L3 perhaps?), but federation is already a huge step in a better direction.

minimalgravitas avatar
ieperen avatar

This is great to see. Like it or not, their voices carry much further than most of ours.


Based on my understanding, Mastadon doesn’t scale well because a server can be spammed with illegal content which creates legal liability for the person running the server.

Does this platform have the same issue? Or is there a different way to address that issue?


Seems like an issue for virtually any website that allows user posts/uploads? Or do you mean that the federation part makes it more vulnerable to spam? Corporate sites like Reddit and Instagram just have the money to hire lots of admins to keep on top of it.

696 avatar

EVMavericks Weekly : June 5-11, 2023 | Homepage

Twitter Thread |


🦁Everything you need to know about the last week in EVMavericks in less than 69.6 seconds 👇

1. [EVMavericks is opening up their doors for @ethfinancer , ethstaker and other communities for the duration of subreddits going dark to protest the Reddit API changes.](https://twitter.com/EVMavericks/status/1668024323888631809) 
  1. The final week of buidlathon is here. Submit your projects by June 19th.
    1st place: 5 ETH
    2nd place: 3 ETH
    3rd place: 1.5 ETH
    Random participation prize: .05 ETH

  2. Ethfinance Weekly Doots #22 with our guest Matt Finestone with taikoxyz

  3. Whatthefuck starts resurging the Chad Fund.

  4. Lidont is continuing to be developed.

Security reminder: here are a few guides

Additionally, if you are in EVMavericks discord, we have a security channel. You can literally mute everything else but that channel and only get notifications from there.


@EVMavericks🦁 - http://discord.gg/evmavericks

@EthfinanceR - https://kbin.social/m/ethfinance

EVM weekly & More at https://evmavericks-weekly.netlify.app

696 avatar

Thanks for setting this up KB!

@jtnichol I know you are not there anymore but do you know if Gridplus has any plans to ship from EU? I want to buy like 6 more cards.



MrVodnik avatar

a16z moves to UK, they welcome them:

US crypto flight is accelerating thanks to SEC.

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