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Tricky_Troll, (edited )
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Hmm, the doots take a tad longer here but I could get used to it. Hopefully the formatting works too. 🤞

Edit: Fuck yeah, formatting works! 😎

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The daily doots! <3

Now it really feels like home here.

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Yep - home sweet home


Checking in after my post about taking the plunge the other day. Spun up my validator and deposited. Took me, in total, about 10 hours (yes, really). I'm "Pending" on beaconcha.in.

I wrote down a lot of what I felt and did while trying to get it all together. I'm still kind of shell-shocked by the whole experience and I'm sure I'll talk a lot more about it later. What I'll say for now is that even the "for dummies" version of setting up a validator is significantly more intimidating and intense than most people think it is.

I'm proud of myself for (hopefully) successfully doing it, but even doing it on easy mode (dappnode) had a lot of issues, things that I didn't fully understand, or things that almost had me giving up (I gave up about 3 times and then went right back to it after 5 minutes of having given up).

To be absolutely clear, that's no one's fault but mine. I'm absolutely tech illiterate, but, sadly, I'm actually probably more tech-y than most people. So I do think we have a long way to go before this sort of thing becomes something non-tech can just pick up and do. Things that I think most here take for granted are very scary or even indecipherable to someone like me.

That actually brings me to something that this whole reddit fiasco has me thinking about. One of the great strengths of crypto and eth in particular is the layer 0 stuff. It leads to great communities like this or Ethstaker. We have Reddits and Discords which are filled with people willing and eager to help. The problem is that it seems like it may have led to less focus on delivering a user-manual that makes sense to a new user who has no idea what they're doing. Communities are great for fixing problems, but it seems like we rely on a nebulous social network to teach the basics. Even the best guides I found seemed to assume a lot of knowledge and I generally had 3-5 "1 stop shop" guides open at once as I did this.

The good thing with how tough it was was that, if everything works out and I start validating in a month and a half (thanks Celsius), I'll really feel like I earned it.

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Hey, are you on Discord? EthStaker is compiling a bunch of resources to put together a comprehensive staking guide and would love to go into more detail about your experience


I have a discord account, but I've only used it a few times to play games with friends. Discord itself feels fairly overwhelming to explore, but I'd be happy to talk with someone on there to give my experience sometime.

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What's your handle and what server are you in (so i can find you)?


It's AzulPeregrine (BlueFalcon for anyone who gets the joke). I think I'm in the main Dappnode server.

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hmm you're not showing up, can you join the evm server and give me a ping? my handle is "hanniabu" there too https://discord.com/invite/evmavericks

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Congratulations on setting up a node. I agree that the technical challenge is still well above where it needs to be for mass adoption.


Thanks! I think we'll get there, but I've always felt like we as a community downplay how difficult this stuff is to navigate given the state of most UIs in the ecosystem.

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What all didn't make sense for dappnode? I can let the team know or work on the discord faq


It's kind of hard to explain, and probably part of why I struggled so much is I felt like I couldn't articulate what I was struggling with. Some of it was super basic and I felt like an idiot once I realized it. A lot of it was probably right in the middle of the front page, but somehow I missed it. It took me far too long to realize that DAppNode was really a server that I had to connect to through another computer. I had a bunch of errors that I had to solve by looking through Google. There was an error when using the Terminal in Ubuntu to install it. Every time I used the script, it had an error and erased my wifi. I had to re-install the whole OS three times and that set the discouraging tone for the rest of the day. I ended up using the ISO method which I didn't realize was a viable option until I read way further in the tutorial. The system also asked for login credentials that I didn't have once I set it up. Turns out it was login: dappnode and pw: dappnode.s0 but I had to do a lot of looking to find that on the tech support boards.

Otherwise, I often felt like I had to do a ton of research to even know what I'm looking at on screen. That, on it's own, isn't that big of a deal, but it can be a real struggle when the system UI is constantly updated so the guides often don't look like what I'm seeing. I remember once someone on reddit commenting (on a totally unrelated issue) "Why do I have to follow this company on Twitter to learn about a new security issue" or something like that. That's kind of what I mean by the strength and weakness of our communities. A lot of crypto companies do so much through these social media companies, but it feels very strange to me. I think I kinda feel that way about going to Reddit, Discord, or other social media to learn how to use something.

Finally, and this might simply be way too much to ask, but I think having more of an internal guide would be extremely helpful. Like, in old video games you read the manual and then you played the game. Now we have walk-through tutorials that are imbedded in the game itself.

I'll admit, I feel like a total tool even complaining about any of this though. They provided this free service and, thanks to their work, I actually have a shot of pulling this off. I'm extremely grateful and I feel like most of my complaints are probably things I just missed.


I find it oddly endearing, that just by having some of the people coming in here from etfhinance reddit, makes kbin that was initially so foreign feel so familliar. If only all the third party apps move here...

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It's not the platform that makes a community, it's the people

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I swear I'm talking to smart people who keep insisting that Ethereum needs to fix "the fee problem". They realize that fees are better on Arbitrum and Optimism, and wonder why Ethereum isn't seeing any of these improvements.

I swear they're smart, but they haven't gotten the crypto-philosophy-indoctrination we've been giving ourselves. They perceive Optimism and Arbitrum as maybe competitors to Ethereum, but certainly not as part of the plan. I'm sure the lack of unified branding/naming is one problem.

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@kbrot it looks like you were able to add jt as a moderator? If so, that's great so it won't all be on one person

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Yep, it's a manual process but easy enough to do. Any other mods who start to feel comfortable here are welcome to join up too!

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doot doot mfer

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can someone reply to this? testing notifications

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It's a little slow and I'm getting used to the format but this place is great! Viva ethfinance

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Unlike centralized social media, the fediverse only gets better over time because the incentives are aligned. We're basically using the beta version of the experience!

Notice that this place actually has a properly functioning mobile-optimized website. We have the technology!


How good of a buy zone do you think this is right now? I remember a lot of people on the old ethfinance saying 1560ish might be better, but that was before the stock market's big rally. Plus I see that we're practically touching the bottom on https://www.blockchaincenter.net/ethereum-rainbow-chart/, if that's something that people still consult at all.


Also considering picking up some more RPL


RPL dropped because of a (small) whale sell-off. It should get back up to $50 soon so I think that's an easy bet (not financial advice)

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Tough to say. This local S/R at $1715 and $1750 is rather new, only created by the volume back in March and April. Yet this whole general zone $1640-1940 was a bottom in 2021. So one could say it's stronger as a potential base due to that.

With the ratio ailing, we're dependent on BTC right now, which is in its pre-bull dominance phase -- likely topping around 50-55 this cycle so we're close.

But should grandpa finally lose this support at 25.4-25.7k... it's elevator down to $23.5k, maybe even the weekly MA at 22.


Leverage short at 1750, close at 1730. Easy trade every time


Happy to check in... happy to see you all here...

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An incredibly simple example of how to mislead by omission...

A Tweet by Stuart Alderoty, Chief Legal Officer at Ripple.

10/ On June 4, Hinman wrote that he didn’t see a “need to regulate ETH as a security” and would call Buterin later that week to confirm “our understanding.”

Emphasis is added by me, because that section is one of the things causing the XRP bagholders to tweet about ''.


It is clearly written to imply a shady agreement between Hinman and Buterin. However, in context the quote from the e-mail reads:

We also have a call with Buterin later this week to confirm our understanding of how the Ethereum Foundation operates.

So what this bellend is insinuating indicates some dodgy deal, is actually just a reference to a call checking some information.

I really do hate the way spreading disinfo is seen as a perfectly acceptable tactic by assholes to get what they want. If you don't strive for truth then you do not deserve to have people listen to you, but so many people don't really want truth, they just want feel special for knowing about a conspiracy and to believe things that will pump their bags.


retrospective of a day without the daily: the addiction is strong with this one

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It's rough!

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it's been a struggle, I even ran out of things to do at work!


Uniswap V4 announced

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" Some experiments we're excited about include:

- A time-weighted average market marker (TWAMM)
- Dynamic fees based on volatility or otehr inputs
- Onchain limit orders
- Depositing out-of-range liquidity into lending protocols
- Customized onchain oracles, such as geomean oracles
- Autocompounded LP fees back into the LP positions
- Internalized MEV profits are distributed back to LPs
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Here's Uniswap's announcement thread:


Onchain limit orders

That's huge!

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Onchain limit orders

That's huge indeed! 😱

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From my faint memory: When UniSwap v3 launched, I remember it was perceived more as an alternative to v2, not a successor. One reason was that the concept of "concentrated liquidity" wasn't useful for everybody. I remember us discussing that many projects & people kept their liquidity on UniSwap v2 (initially? did it ever change?).

How do we feel about UniSwap v4? Will it lead to another substantial split of liquidity? Do we even care, or are trades with the v2/v3/v4 pools routed through the same interface anyway?


Good morning everyone. Hope everybody is having a fabulous day.

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