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Here’s Where Biden’s Climate Law Is Working, and Where It’s Falling Short: Electric vehicles are booming as expected, a new analysis found, but renewable power isn’t growing as quickly as hoped (www.nytimes.com)

A year and a half after President Biden signed into law a sweeping bill to tackle climate change, sales of electric vehicles have largely boomed in line with expectations, according to a new analysis by three groups tracking the impact of the law....

Ford rethinks EV strategy, is working on a smaller, cheaper EV platform (arstechnica.com)

For the last two years, a small “skunkworks” at the Ford Motor Company has been working on a low-cost electric vehicle platform, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley. Farley revealed the existence of this new platform during the automaker’s quarterly financial results call with investors on Tuesday evening. The company is...

BYD launches $15,000 Qin Plus EV Honor Edition kicking off price war with gas cars (electrek.co)

BYD is kicking off a price war with gas-powered cars as new lower-priced electric vehicles begin rolling out. After launching the new Qin Plus EV Honor Edition on Monday, BYD said it’s “officially opening a new era of electricity is lower than oil.”

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