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Born and raised in London. Just a normal guy with a moral compass.

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I feel like it’s too big a step too soon for him, but I want him to succeed.

sabreW4K3, (edited )
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Wasn’t this posted the other day or am I losing my mind?

Also, don’t you have to rotate where you plant the crops moreso than what they are?

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You and your knowledge retention! Thank you!

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Microblog Memes should aspire to be like crops!

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Dragon Ball fans need to stop being selfish. They had their 25th anniversary, let others theirs too. Besides, One Piece is a massive money maker for everyone lucky enough to be attached to it.

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From Gemini

The video is about the controversy surrounding how the Linux Foundation spends its money.

The speaker, Brodie Robertson, argues that the Linux Foundation should spend more money on the Linux desktop and less on other projects, such as blockchain and machine learning. He points out that the Linux Foundation employs the vast majority of core kernel developers, but that only a small percentage of its funding goes to Linux kernel development.

Robertson acknowledges that the Linux Foundation is not obligated to listen to his criticism, as it is a member-driven organization. However, he believes that it is still important to have a conversation about how the Linux Foundation spends its money.

Here are the key points:

  • The Linux Foundation is the biggest employer of Linux kernel developers.
  • Only a small percentage of the Linux Foundation’s funding goes to Linux kernel development.
  • The Linux Foundation spends money on a variety of other projects, such as blockchain and machine learning.
  • Brodie Robertson believes that the Linux Foundation should spend more money on the Linux desktop.
  • The Linux Foundation is a member-driven organization and is not obligated to listen to Robertson’s criticism.
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So I read that line about it being things we requested and people are not requesting wallpaper stuff 😂

It’s thousands for tab grouping and less than a hundred for wallpapers. Seems like when they tried to rebrand bookmarks as collections and were determined to push them.

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This is the question. This is insane by Chelsea.

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I didn’t even notice that 😂

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As per the article

The issue is that for European e-bikes, 250W is the legal limit for both on-road and trail usage. So if you’ve got a 250W e-bike, you’ve basically tied every single other e-bike on the market for highest power. Of course, none of the 250W e-bikes rolling around today actually put out only 250W of power. They all sneak by with higher peak power ratings, but the continuous power ratings are all identical. Thus, claiming to have the world’s most powerful trail-legal electric mountain bike is a bit like claiming to sell the world’s tallest 6-foot ladder.

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Thanks. I feel like since I started posting on Lemmy, I’ve been like a bottomless pit trying to learn everything I can. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.

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The problem with Signal is that it’s just not very user orientated.

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I’ve seen the spoilers. It seems like we’re getting an important chapter.

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