Folklorists, introduce yourself!

Introduce yourself in this thread! You can use the following template (or write freeform):

What folklore or mythology interests you in particular?
What is your favorite folk tale or myth?
What do you want others to know about your country or region's folklore and mythology?
What do you hope to learn in this Magazine?
What other hobbies do you have?


Hi I'm Carolyn, a vertebrate zoologist of sorts from Delhi, India. Like most people with an interest in natural history, I have fondnesses for anthropological, especially ethnological, and historical topics as well.

My interests are European and Ancient Near Eastern myth, from mainly the structuralist perspective. Particularly I am interested in the potential of philology and mythography, in reconstructing ancient migrations, predicting population affinities, and identifying cultural substrates and superstrates.


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@CFoix An interesting topic! I often wonder how far some of these tales date back - some seem to be fairly new inventions, while you get the feeling with others that they have an ancient origin.

I am curious - do you know of any tales of "snake kings" or "snake queens" wearing golden crowns from outside of Europe? Because such stories are really widespread in Germany, yet also seem out of place when compared to other animal tales.


Hey there! Just discovered this community, and I'm already hooked! I don't consider myself a folklorist, just very interested in folklore/mythology in general. I'm from Brazil, and I plan on translating some of my favorite folk tales from there, since I'm reading through some regional folklore books at the moment. :D

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Welcome aboard! I don't have any relevant academic background in this field myself, but that doesn't stop me. And we need more people translating folk tales from their native languages (I am trying to do my part for German tales).

Are there any particularly noteworthy themes and tropes in the folklore books you are reading?

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