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Why is my Alocasia Polly ‘special’? (

I am having a heck of a time trying to research why she is the way she is and what to do about it. She’s definitely alive. I harvested a lot of little baby seedlings in her roots (which are growing beautifully btw). I’d love if someone can help me understand why she is the way she is and what I can do to promote stem and...

My friend complimented how well I'm taking care of my plants and I feel compelled to confess my methods

All of my plants are next to the two spots I usually sit down. So when I have my big water cup out, I share a little with my plants and maybe pet their leafs for a second. It makes me happy to share my cuppy of water with my little plants. Apparently, this works really well and they are all growing like crazy! One of my fellas...

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