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Can it be jailbroken and used without a fb account?


I would also like to know the answer to this

SailorMoss, (edited )

I bought a quest 2 a few years ago. I searched for hours and hours to try and get it to work with no FB account. Best I found was that you can sideload APKs to it… with a Facebook account.

Eventually broke down and temporarily made a Facebook account to at least try it. Was pretty unimpressed with the content which was meager in comparison to PCVR. Ended up returning it and deleting Facebook account.

In my opinion the experience is not worth making a Facebook account for even if the headset was free.

If you want to get into VR on the cheap get a windows mixed reality headset off eBay. Most of them aren’t as good of a headset as the quest 2. But it will probably be comparable if you’re streaming most of your content from PC anyway. And you’ll avoid Facebook’s shit.

Be forewarned though windows mixed reality headsets don’t yet work on windows LTSC or Linux :(. (Though maybe windows 11 LTSC later this year?) So you’ll have to use the garbage version of windows to use it.

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I have a WMR device and I regret it.

So many games simply do not support it, I’d have been better off with a Valve index that seems to work with most PC titles.


I have HP reverb G2. It has seemed to work fine with everything I’ve thrown at it. Though I’m not sure about the cheaper devices. I probably wouldn’t recommend spending that much on a WMR headset at this point.

But, WMR devices can be found for $75-$150 dollars on eBay. I don’t recommend them if you’re serious about VR. But if you just want a cheap entry point, they work.

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WMR will be discontinued in the future. On quest you can use pass through from your pc and technically you don’t need facebook account only meta account that can be disconnected from facebook.


It seems like the open source drivers for windows mixed reality devices are maturing. So maybe we won’t have to rely on Microsoft by the time they drop support.


I feel like they’d get a lot more sales if they could be, I’d probably be one of them.


That’s the right price range, for VR to properly catch on.

Shame it still owns you rather than vice-versa.


If I wasn’t locked into the Meta ecosystem I’d buy it.


It’s interesting how a single letter can entirely change the meaning of a comment.


Wait, I don’t get it. Your comment implies you are locked in to the Meta ecosystem, so wouldn’t this be a fantastic option for you?

I’m not interested because it requires a Meta account, which I’m unwilling to create.


Oops, my bad. I meant “it” or “if I wouldn’t be locked into the Meta ecosystem by buying it”. English is hard.


Ah, that makes way more sense. I’m in the same boat, I’d totally buy this if I didn’t need an account at any Meta service to use it (I’d even pay a bit more for it). But since it does, I just pretend the product doesn’t exist.

And as a native English speaker, I totally agree, English is hard.


Even janky JavaScript makes way more sense than English.


I enjoy mine. It's fun to get stoned and watch 3d music videos in my hammock.


How is the video qualify ? Is it decent ?


I mean, it varies a lot with differing videos. But if you just smoke more weed than you don't notice.


Do you find them on YouTube? I didn’t even know such a thing existed.


Some of them I found on YouTube, there's also a pretty cool music visualization "game" on steam.


What’s the name of this game?

Also are there any good music visualisation programs out there?

I use Spotify but there doesn’t seem to be anything really good for visualisation. I know there is a third party website that I can log in through but it never really worked for me


So a lot of the times I just use their remote connect to connect to my computer, that way I can load up videos and everything easier than what the quest.

So it's actually through steamvr, but here's the link.



Sweet, thanks


My friend let me try out his Quest 2 and I feel like it spoiled my first impression of VR… That is, I was not impressed. Picture quality was abysmal, I definitely expected something more immersive than blurry binoculars experience, and Facebook integration was annoying as fuck.

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If it still requires a Facebook account, no way. I walked away from that site 8 years ago and never missed it once.


You can create a dummy account and fill it with bogus data. I even share mine so it doesn’t even belong to a single person.


That’s a bold move, Cotton. The account would get flagged and suspended fairly quick, me thinks.

potustheplant, (edited )

It’s been almost a year and it still works fine. I even set it up as a dev account to sideload apps and make calls to the wit.ai api in a few projects.


It depends on how much you share that account, is my point. While internet randos using it would obfuscate any one persons activity, I am not sure how it would work in practice. Maybe you are already sharing it with a dozen other people? I dunno. Security bots tend to clamp that kind of thing unless Meta really gives zero fucks.

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Form their other comment, I assume they mean share as in different people using the same headset on the same device


Dummy accounts work for something like Lemmy but when you’re playing with big tech corpos in 2024, it doesn’t matter how dummy you make it, they will know it’s you.


You do understand that it’s not always me though, right? I also don’t use the headset for anything other than pcvr


Quest headsets haven’t required a Facebook account in nearly 2 years.


Same shit different name.


It’s literally not, though. You don’t have to have a social media profile. It’s the same as having a Vive account on an HTC headset.

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Why do I need an account at all for my peripheral device?

Imagine not being able to use your kbm or monitor without signing into some service to track you.


You have a Lemmy account. How is this any different?


You can choose to have a Lemmy account or not. You can still use Lemmy without an account.

Quest can function without accounts, but they force you to make one.

The difference is freedom of personal choice.


Also a problem.

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For me the issue with VR headsets isn’t the price, but the lack of a relevant killer app.

If I were super-into flight sims, I could totally see going VR – makes more sense then the many-monitors setups that fans have done for decades – but most game genres just don’t, IMHO, gain that much. And there hasn’t been a new genre that really blows me away that leverages VR.

I can believe that it might be professionally-useful for architects.


Also, Meta

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I have a Q3 and I’m also feeling that right now. Most of the games for VR aren’t even really games. They’re “experiences;” Interactive movies where the only interaction is that you can move around the scene. The other biggest type are practically mobile games. Alyx was great. But it’s been long enough that it needs something to surpass it or at least learn from it.

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Alyx was great. But it’s been long enough that it needs something to surpass it or at least learn from it.

Hmm. Yeah, that’s a thought too. To put some numbers on that, if I go to Steam and do a search for VR-only games and rank by User Rating, I get:


  1. Half-Life: Alyx, 2020 release
  2. VTOL VR, 2017
  3. COMPOUND, 2022
  4. UNDERDOGS, 2024
  5. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, 2016
  6. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, 2015
  7. Half-Life 2: VR Mod, 2022
  8. The Room VR: A Dark Matter, 2020
  9. Walkabout Mini Golf VR, 2021
  10. fpsVR, 2018
  11. The Last Clockwinder, 2022
  12. Blade and Sorcery, 2018
  13. Vertigo 2, 2023
  14. I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar, 2021
  15. Vermillion - VR Painting, 2021
  16. Beat Saber, 2019
  17. The Lab, 2016
  18. The Thrill of the Fight - VR Boxing, 2019
  19. OVR Advanced Settings, 2020
  20. I Expect You To Die, 2017

So of the best-of-the-best out there as of this writing, we have in releases-per-year:

2024: 1 (understandable, year is only about three months in)

2023: 1

2022: 3

2021: 3

2020: 3

2019: 2

2018: 2

2017: 2

2016: 2

2015: 1

I mean, that’s just not really an exponential explosion.

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Some of those aren’t even games in any sense of the word. fpsVR and OVR are both just utilities for overlaying things while playing games (and there are free options).

It’s also the most expensive way to play a game, so I do understand the lack of demand compared to the normal gaming space, but there seems to be plenty of people in VR to sustain a good market. So where is it?


Check out Arizona Sunshine. It’s a post apocalypse zombie shooter that I really enjoyed. They just released the sequel a couple months back too, so if you enjoy the first you’ll have another to follow up with. It was the first, and honestly only, VR game that I really enjoyed that wasn’t beat saber or a sim.

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I am shocked they couldn’t get everyone to wear a headset all the time for personal, work, and any other time for that price. I’m sure for 200 it’ll work.

nanoUFO, (edited )
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Not even if they gave me $200


Lol then why post about it? $200 dollars is a great entry price in VR


It is, but it’s not just $200, it’s $200 and a Meta account. I’m not making a Meta account, so I’m not buying this.

If it was usable w/o a Meta account, I’d probably get it.


I believe you don’t need an account anymore


If this is accurate, you need one of the following:

  • Facebook account
  • Instagram account
  • Meta account

So, six of one and half a dozen of the other.

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Because I try not to let my personal opinion dictate what I post here. Lots of people do care about this even if I don’t, but I couldn’t help commenting on it.


Low-key noble of you. Much appreciated.

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More like I hate reddit and will do my best to replace r/games and r/pcgaming


I would use it for like 1 game on the quest store and more portable/wireless VR on PC. Even though my Index, is superior in almost every way, an easy headset to give to a visitor would be nice.

I probably wouldn’t pay $200 for one, but if a friend was getting rid of one for $50-100 I would likely snatch it up.

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