Russia is preparing for a long war (

Russia’s war in Ukraine is already in its 17th month. In that time, President Vladimir Putin has clearly demonstrated that he is not bothered by losses — whether they be financial, material, or human. His war will go on as long as he needs. And, judging by how the authorities have woven the so-called “special military...

Erdogan links Sweden's NATO membership to Turkey's EU accession (

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, in an unexpected move, said on Monday the European Union should open the way for Ankara's accession to the bloc before Turkey's parliament approves Sweden's bid to join the NATO military alliance. Turkey's bid to join the EU has been frozen for years after membership talks were launched in 2005...

‘Great news’: EU hails discovery of massive phosphate rock deposit in Norway (

A massive underground deposit of high-grade phosphate rock recently discovered in Norway is big enough to satisfy world demand for fertilisers, solar panels and electric car batteries over the next 100 years, according to the company exploiting the resource.

Wagner Uprising Highlights China’s Risks With Russia (

China views Russia as a necessary partner in challenging the global order dominated by the United States. But Mr. Putin’s appetite for risk — seen in his invasion of Ukraine and his reliance on private armies — has forced Beijing to defend its bond with Russia in the face of Western pressure....

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